How AWS, Cisco, Netflix, and SAP Approach Cybersecurity Awareness Month

For those of us who work in industry, cybersecurity is a priority 365 days a year. But for a brief window in October during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the spotlight is on us. Given its importance in daily life, awareness of cybersecurity has grown in recent years, but there is still much to be done.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is co-led by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA). This year’s theme, “See Yourself in Cyber”, aims to help all individuals and organizations make smart decisions, whether at work, home or school, now and in the future. . This emphasizes the impact a single organization can have by instilling strong cybersecurity training and practices internally.

For this reason, we’ve asked Cisco, Netflix, and SAP to join us in sharing how they’re observing Cybersecurity Awareness Month within their organizations, in the hopes that it will inspire others to do same.

After our first public service announcement focusing on cybersecurity, we are doubling down on our efforts by investing more with this year’s “See Yourself in Cyber” theme. This speaks to our ongoing efforts at AWS to humanize security and create a culture of security.

Throughout October, we host our annual One Amazon Security Conference for all Amazon employees. This year’s month-long conference features 70 sessions led by experts in six areas, including data protection and governance, risk and compliance, identity and access management, networking and infrastructure, privacy, threat detection and incident response. We also host sessions on creating an inclusive security culture and why building products securely requires a security mindset before a single line of code is written.

Safety is our #1 priority, and our ownership culture means that everyone at Amazon is responsible for safety, regardless of their job or role. Humanizing security through education should be a top priority for all. That’s why we’re offering free cyber security awareness training to anyone or organization that wants to take advantage of it, so they can “see themselves in cyber” this month and beyond.

Brad Arkin, Cisco

Brad Arkin, Senior Vice President, Director of Security and Trust, Cisco

Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month is always an exciting time for our team. We will have a number of resources for those seeking a new career in cybersecurity, all aligned with our commitment to creating an inclusive future for all. For our customers and partners, we will have additional reports and resources covering topics such as the benefits of paying close attention to cybersecurity during mergers and acquisitions. Finally, for consumers and end users, we’ll share the results of our consumer privacy survey and best practices to keep them, their business, and their families safe. This will be supported by blog posts, e-books, reports, landing pages and podcasts. Our creative team has developed a set of graphic assets to raise cybersecurity awareness and promote the “See Yourself in Cyber” theme.

To help cybersecurity professionals improve their skills, our learning and certification teams will host giveaways, distribute exam quizzes, and announce new training courses. Internally, we will be rolling out new training and resources to keep our employees informed of the latest threats and informed on how to mitigate them.

I was thrilled to see how the entire global Cisco organization is participating. Our team in Europe, Middle East and Africa picks up the theme of #ThinkB4UClick, with a focus on ransomware and phishing. In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and China, we will promote cybersecurity awareness at various internal and external events. I will be traveling to Singapore to present at the GovWare 2022 conference and participate in a CISO roundtable for our customers in the region earlier this month.

Srinath KuruvardiNetflix

Srinath Kuruvardi, Head of Cloud Security, Netflix

This year, for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are hosting FBI Special Agent Talks on a variety of topics to raise awareness of threat trends. We also plan to share safety messages and tips widely with all employees in a fun and engaging way. For example, we are launching an intranet site for the Security, Privacy, Assurance and Corporate Engineering (SPACE) organization (formerly InfoSec). The initiative encourages visits to the SPACE intranet site to understand our functions, our teams and where to go for support and to get involved. This is a gamification scavenger hunt for answers to support questions.


Elena Kvochko, Head of Trust, SAP

SAP is strengthening our security culture and continuously adapting it to the new challenges that come with digital transformation, which is why, for the sixth year in a row, SAP is taking part in Cybersecurity Awareness Month, to remind employees of the importance of being vigilant against cyber threats.

With programs running from September (China) through the end of October, SAP raises security awareness with its 100,000 employees worldwide. SAP kicks off the month with our Chief Security Officer, joined by a host of experts, at a virtual event attended by thousands of employees around the world; the educational effort continues with special events throughout the month. Major security topics are covered including vishing, phishing, password protection, how to stay safe using social media and the importance of spotting deepfake technology. Learning about security is fun at SAP because we use gamification to engage employees through various fun games and prizes.

Towards the end of October, SAP will broaden its reach in the young talent community by co-hosting a cross-university cybersecurity “lineup” with SANS Institute, an organization dedicated to cybersecurity training and certifications and which has a multitude of resources available. . SAP and SANS will hold a capture the flag contest and computer security contest for 200 university students and special guests who are expected to participate.

SAP’s Chief Trust Office works proactively to engage students at Atlanta University Center, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Drexel, Penn State Brandywine, Penn State Main Campus, Hampton, Norfolk State, and Yale University.

About Contributors

As Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer, and Trust Officer, Brad Arkin leads Cisco’s security and trust organization, whose primary mission is to ensure that Cisco meets its security and confidentiality towards its customers, regulators, employees and stakeholders. Prior to joining Cisco, Brad served as Adobe’s first Chief Security Officer. Brad is also a member of the advisory board of Silicon Valley Global Innovation and Sands Capital Ventures Industry organizations and sits on the program committee of the RSA Executive Security Action Forum.

Srinath Kuruvadi is the Head of Cloud Security at Netflix, where he leads the security of Netflix’s cloud assets. Prior to Netflix, Srinath spent more than 15 years building scalable security solutions and leading security teams at Google, Facebook, Snap and Lyft, most recently as Head of Security and Compliance at Mapbox. He brings a lot of broad and deep technical knowledge in the areas of security and privacy with a background in software engineering applied to large-scale cloud environments. Srinath was born and raised in Bangalore, India, and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from BITS Pilani in India.

Elena Kvochko, Chief Trust Officer of SAP, leads philanthropic efforts, including for Refugees International, Big Change, and women in tech initiatives. She worked in enterprise technology and cybersecurity in leadership roles at Bank of America and previously as chief information officer in the global security division at Barclays. Elena was in the Top 100 CIOs; Leading CIOs — Who Happen to be Female list published by CIO magazine, Business Role Model of the Year by the Women in IT Awards, and Most Powerful Women — International by Fortune magazine.

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