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Hornell Deputy Mayor Jessica Cleveland appointed full-time

Jessica Cleveland has always felt called to public service positions. Her first jobs were in prevention services and youth counselling, and she now works in aged care in Elderwood.

Cleveland has also represented the city of Hornell’s Sixth Ward for the past seven years, but soon will be working for all full-time Maple City residents.

Hornell made the position of deputy mayor a full-time position in city government. Cleveland, which has served as deputy mayor under Mayor John Buckley since 2018, will step into the full-time deputy mayor position beginning Sept. 26.

“The public service has always called my name,” Cleveland said. “I always had this responsibility to give back, and everything I tried to do, I did 100%. I hope to be as successful in this area as in my past roles.

City Council voted unanimously Monday night to approve salary increases associated with the position for the remainder of the city’s fiscal year. The position of full-time deputy mayor will be paid at $56,000 per year. Deputy Mayor is an appointed position in municipal government and the role is not defined as part-time or full-time.

Rather than hiring for multiple positions, city officials decided that the role of deputy mayor could be used to strengthen several areas of need within city government.

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