Hiring part-time workers for your dental practice just got a whole lot easier

Managing a busy dental practice can be a difficult task. Not only do you need to ensure that you follow the laws governing the dental industry, but you also need to ensure that you have qualified people working for you and that your customers are satisfied. Dental clinic

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When a member of your staff calls in sick or takes a vacation, it can disrupt your daily activities. Your patients won’t be happy if they have to wait to see a dentist or if their appointment is canceled entirely.

Where to get times

It is important to have a protocol in place for dealing with absent employees. It is essential to bring a qualified dental professional to your practice as soon as possible when you are short-staffed. Hygienists are particularly important to the flow of things in a dentist’s office. Without them, a dentist’s job would be much more difficult and take much longer to do.

With platforms like TempMee, modern technology has made it possible to bring a dental hygienist to your practice in as little time as it takes to get an Uber.

Why traditional temp agencies are obsolete

Dental temp agencies have supplied dentist offices with dental workers for decades. They have a comprehensive database of dental professionals in your area. Unfortunately, these are very crowded places. They may not be able to give you the attention you need.

A recruiter will need to place ads, interview people, and bring workers into dental offices on the same day. They don’t have time to keep their records up to date. They may have old phone numbers or licensing information and not know if the person is even looking for work right now.

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How technology is changing things

New technologies are disrupting the dental staffing industry. There are apps you can use to bring a dental professional to your office in a snap.

Be sure to use an app that screens candidates for you. A platform must verify a dental professional’s license information and identity before it can search for work on the app.

How to use a dental temp app

It only takes a few minutes to create an account. When your account is approved, you can post jobs. You will have the opportunity to narrow your search for specific skills. You can select the licenses you need for a candidate as well as the years of experience you want. You can specify the start date, end date, and pay rate.

When you post a job offer, all qualified dental professionals in your area will see it. If they accept the job, you will receive an alert for final approval. They will have the opportunity to negotiate the salary with you. When you approve them, they will come to your office to start their shift. At the end of the day, you’ll pay them through the app. You can even rate each other.

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Not only are dental staffing apps easier to use, they are cheaper than dental temp agencies.

A dental staffing app gives you one less thing to worry about. Your patients will be happy, your dentists will be less stressed, and you can focus on running your practice.



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