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The 75th Security Forces Squadron wants to hire more civilian law enforcement positions under the Department of the Air Force’s Civil Defense program.

Civilian defenders alongside their military counterparts have a central role in base defense, and the program aims to improve retention, recruitment, training and professional development.

The Air Force Security Forces Center launched the Civilian Defender Program in 2019. Since its inception, the program has resulted in several significant changes aimed at making the law enforcement career field more attractive.

“It’s a good agency to come to,” said 75th SFS operations section supervisor Lt. Joaquin Torres. “With great benefits, advanced training and career growth opportunities, if you join the 75th Security Forces Squadron.”

One of the main advantages for someone starting their career is the variety of experience and advanced training that can be acquired, in a relatively short time, compared to officers serving in off-base police departments. .

Patrolmen at the facility learn military, federal, and state law enforcement, and have the opportunity for advanced training with many federal agencies and military security forces.

Senior security force leaders incentivized retention of new patrol officers by upgrading the basic position from GS-06 to GS-07 in September 2019, which increased the average salary by $4,000 to $5,000 per year, depending on the location of the unit.

Additionally, a career development pyramid has been created that demonstrates the progression of stages showing growth opportunities from entry level GS-07 to assistant manager positions at the GS-13 level.

Torres said these major changes are starting to make a difference, citing the 75th SFS’s recent hiring of Corporal Natalie Childs, who is the first female civilian law enforcement officer to be hired under the Civilian Defender program. .

“I think the Civilian Defender program opens up all kinds of opportunities,” Childs said, “The possibilities for progression are endless and only depend on how much you limit yourself.”

The Security Force Headquarters has also instituted direct hiring authority from the Office of Personnel Management for the 0083 series of police officers, helping to expedite hiring activities and enabling units to hire the right people. people immediately or as needed.

“There is no age limit for applying, and while previous experience is preferred, it is not required,” Torres said. “Entrants must pass a medical and a two-stage fitness test that includes 19 push-ups and a 5.30-and-a-half run.”

Once hired, those with little or no experience who have not graduated from the DOD Post Commission would be required to attend the police academy for a three-month basic training as a police officer. police.

After the academy, training would continue on the installation, with a three-month field training program, all at no cost to the participant.

Interested candidates can email Torres at joaquin.torres@us.af.mil. Ads are also posted externally on Monster.com and Indeed.com.

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