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Contact: Beth Pappalardo

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan—Western Michigan University and Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) have joined forces in a two-year doubleenrollment partnership to support high school studentss interested in entering the integrated design and manufacturing fields. Through this Partnership, GRPS students box complete a UGF undergraduate certificate at no disbursements.

“Our partnership with GRPS is an effective way to help high school students discover the potential significant careers in manufacturing and pattern,” said Joan Röhm, Ddirector of WMU-Grand Rapids.

Je advanced manufacturing partnership Laboratory (AMP Lab @UGF) is a state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratory established in collaboration with manufacturers in West Michigan, Automatic camera Medical and Community College of Grand Rapids at WMU-Grand Rapids. Jo address a critical lack of skill to meet the strong demand from manufacturers, engineers and designers in western Michigan, the AMP laboratory will be now serve as a place where GRPS students spend their school day, thening course with instructors of OOrientalit is College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The GRPS was introduced for the first time to the possibilities of dual registration during a series school field trips from high school to the AMP @ WMU lab.

Students sit around a table in the AMP lab.

Autocam Medical’s Mike Butler speaks with GRPS students in the AMP @ WMU lab during a spring 2022 field trip.

“As a former science teacher at Grand Rapids Public Schools, I first saw the impact of these types of experiences on students and their perceptions of careers in science.hand,” says Kimmy Beuchler, Ddirector of Eearly VSdoctor Pprograms in Merze Tate Collegewho collaborated with WMU-Grand Rapids and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences on the dual registration program. “Being able to connect our first field trips to dual enrollment and give students the opportunity to work towards obtaining a certificate that will propel them into Workforce one step above the entrance level Where as a springboard for rapidly completing a WMU or Grand Rapids Community College degree is absolute play changer for students.

The first cohort of GRPS students began and a second cohort will be rejoin in sspring 2023. Support from the AMP Lab Gift Fund will cover the cost of books, materials and transportation. Ofrom the east The first college programs administer the program and provide the necessary studentsupport services.

“I am really excited about this partnership with Western Michigan University. This is another opportunity for our researchers to learn about modern manufacturing. Hands-on experiences in the labs coupled with the rigor of an academic program will enable our researchers to make a smooth transition into the workforce or significant progress towards a four-an diploma”, explains Dr AS Jason McGheeprincipal of Innovation Central High School in Grand Rapids.

Through the partnership with GRPS, Dr Steve Butt, Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, is just as happy as “WMU has has partnered with GRPS in the development and implementation of a new curriculum designed to immerse students in manufacturing and design. We expect this program to encourage students to consider manufacturing and design careers and become a members of the next generation of makers in West Michigan.

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