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Here’s why outsourcing will continue to be a key part of business strategy

Why will outsourcing continue to be a key part of business strategy after the pandemic?
Technologies are changing and advancing rapidly. Companies should outsource their workforce based on specific project requirements rather than trying to fit people from one project to another. It is much harder and more expensive to retain talent long term and better to pay a higher salary and outsource the hiring process for a shorter term or a specific project. After the completion of the project, one can try to negotiate and decide whether it makes sense to keep the talent or not.

Incentive structures are much weaker in IT than in most other industries. KPI-focused/project-based incentives through an outsourcing company could lead to increased productivity as well as improved employee satisfaction. Many industries like hospitality and aviation have seen layoffs during the pandemic. Even large companies have had to reorganize their workforce. Part-time/freelance/project-based employment is sure to continue to grow drastically.

How and why outsourcing companies can or should embrace intelligent automation or artificial intelligence (AI)?
Outsourcing companies should embrace automation and smart AI in their recruiting and onboarding functions. Most clients and staff are usually rehired by large, experienced outsourcing companies. Re-recruiting each time for similar positions is a waste of time and resources. If there is a level of intelligence behind collecting and analyzing candidate profile data, systems can learn to recruit the most suitable candidate based on job parameters. This will help outsourcing companies not only speed up their hiring times, but also significantly reduce their internal costs.

What are the current IT outsourcing trends you are witnessing in 2022?
It is clear that in 2022, IT demand has only picked up and the number of jobs has increased significantly. Even in big countries like India, applicants have multiple job offers in hand and also move from one job to another within six months. Companies lack strong IT talent and are willing to pay a higher salary to attract the right talent. Today’s IT market is essentially an employee market. Some of the positions that should be available for hiring are data scientist, data analytics manager, data architect, business intelligence, cyber security, power BI, backend and frontend developer, fullstack developer and engineer devops.

What are the latest technological advances that companies are adopting to develop their talents?
Companies are implementing a stronger applicant tracking system and assessment systems to monitor candidates’ abilities. More streamlined assessments are used to track language proficiency, back-end code design, and front-end development. This results in a more consistent approach to building strong candidate pipelines as companies are confident in their growth curve and workforce needs.

With large corporations entering the metaverse and NFTs, what types of job opportunities are likely to increase?
Companies are creating digital experiences for their customers and now that the metaverse is gaining popularity, several existing jobs are set to be transformed with new descriptions and career profiles. All profiles will be in high demand and there will be an increase in hiring in the IT industry as we are essentially creating another internet that will provide endless possibilities. Designers will also play an important role as we move from 3D designs to 4D designs in a very different framework. Industries like gaming and art are also embracing the new crypto and NFT trends and for this reason, new positions will definitely be created to meet the new demands.

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