Here are the 10 best colleges for teaching cybersecurity

Cover the basics, provide hands-on training, and respect confidentiality and ethics. These are three of the six must-have modules for a cybersecurity course, and these 10 colleges have them all.

Educational institutions are in dire need of cybersecurity professionals as criminal organizations continue to target the education sector. Since the pandemic, the increased use of digital technology, such as virtual meetings and e-learning, has created additional avenues for malicious actors to gain access to confidential student and employee data.

According to data from Cyberseek, an organization that provides data on the cybersecurity market, there are nearly 770,000 vacancies in the field, a clear indication that it needs strengthening. From K-12, several districts have initiatives in place to ensure students have a head start on their careers in the field.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recently announced the expansion of its cybersecurity education initiative to all 50 states.

“Early cyber education is essential to our national security, and the cybersecurity professionals of tomorrow are sitting in the classrooms of today,” CISA Director Jen Easterly said in a statement.

But what about higher education? Which colleges do the most when it comes to providing top-notch education on the subject? Spiceworks, an information technology company, recently released its August ranking of the best colleges for cybersecurity education. In addition to its list, there are six must-have modules for any cybersecurity course: “Fundamentals of Cybersecurity, Practical Curriculum Training, Privacy and Ethics, Government and National Security, Risk and Information Assurance, and Capstone Projects” .

Now, here is an overview of the top 10 colleges for cybersecurity.

Carnegie Mellon University (1)

  • According to Spiceworks, graduates make a smooth transition into their careers. It’s common for companies like Uber, Disney, Google, and Facebook to look here when hiring cybersecurity professionals.

DePaul University (2)

  • Accredited by the Department of Homeland Security, the university uses technology that allows students to take a playful approach to learning where they are presented with simulated cyberattacks and it’s up to them to solve them. Alumni work at leading organizations, such as Apple, Microsoft, Paylocity and others.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (3)

  • A private university, the institution specializes in offering courses surrounding the technology, aerospace, defense and aviation sectors. In addition, it has its Cybersecurity Center.

george washington university (4)

  • As the largest institution of higher learning in the District of Columbia, it is designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber ​​Defense Research by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. He is also one of the few college students who can get cybersecurity opportunities in higher education.

Iowa State University (5)

  • The institution offers a range of courses under the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. According to Spiceworks, students who focus more on computer science and other related disciplines can also major in cybersecurity.

Maryville University of Saint Louis (6)

  • According to the ranking, the university is technology driven. Each student receives an iPad for online or distance learning. Those who choose to take cybersecurity courses also have the option of taking the offensive or defensive route throughout their undergraduate degree process.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (seven)

St. John’s University (8)

  • This Catholic university has its own cybersecurity center dedicated to research, education and field practice, according to the rankings. Students also have access to regular workshops and technical training.

University of California, Berkeley (9)

  • The university offers a master’s degree in information and cybersecurity that allows students to follow specific career paths, such as government policy or privacy engineering. Faculty members also host regular events to discuss emerging topics in the field.

The University of Texas at Dallas (ten)

  • The university launched its cybersecurity program in 2012 and founded the Center for Engaging Women in Cybersecurity in 2016. According to Spiceworks, the university has one of the oldest cybersecurity programs in the country.

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