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The location-based job search platform has relaunched its website to welcome new users and provide a better user interface experience.

NEWCASTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, Nov. 1, 2022 / — Helptimize, a location-based platform, has just relaunched its website to offer new ways to connect community members who need employment with members of the community who need help with tasks – from errands to plumbing. The main goal of this business model is to help anyone earn extra money by helping others and getting paid for it! It’s like Uber but for jobs instead of cars.

Helptimize users can negotiate with other members to find prices that work for them. They can also share their experiences and ask questions, which will be answered by staff members or even other users themselves! If someone is looking for some extra money but doesn’t want to quit their current job completely (or just doesn’t have enough money), it might be time to consider moonlighting!

Helptimize also helps retirees find ways to earn money by connecting them with potential employers who might be looking for someone like them in their area. The process involves applying, answering questions about the ideal time per day or week to work on projects related to what interests them most, and then waiting for someone to contact them!

“Our platform is a location-based website that helps people find jobs. The idea is that you can use this platform to find work near you, at school or wherever you want. So we welcome anyone trying to find a job that’s safe, quick and easy.” said Jeff McBroom, CEO of Helptimize.

Helptimize helps job seekers find both employers and jobs by matching their skills to their needs to find the best fit for both parties involved in the hiring process! They also advise on the best way to approach each company so that the job seeker can show exactly what type of personality/personality traits make up who they are when applying for different positions.

About Helptimize-
Helptimize is a platform that allows users to find local jobs – whether they’re a teenager looking to help their neighbors walk their dog or mow their lawn, a retiree looking for a part-time job, or a person looking for a better financial situation. For those who need help, Helptimize is unique in that it not only allows users to post a job or task they need, but also set the price they are willing to pay. Helptimize is the first of its kind and offers unique features that other job boards don’t.

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