Gaston and Gee juggle legislative roles and City of Bridgeport jobs

BRIDGEPORT — While technically a part-time job, being a state legislator is still a time-consuming responsibility — between helping voters locally and attending meetings and votes at the US Capitol. State in Hartford.

Yet two of Bridgeport’s newly elected lawmakers — Democrats Herron Gaston and Fred Gee — also have full-time city jobs and are also local religious leaders.

And some wonder if they’ll be able to juggle it all, or if the taxpayers who fund their city and state’s salaries will be harmed.

Gaston and Gee were elected last November to the state Senate and House of Representatives respectively. Gaston earns $142,591 as assistant general manager. This department, headed by CAO Janene Hawkins, essentially runs the city for Mayor Joe Ganim and is currently understaffed. Ganim laid off a second CAD assistant last July.

And Gee is in charge of the Small Business and Minority Development Office. He is paid $95,385 per year.

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