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Full-time and part-time jobs at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool International Airport is busy all year round, but especially so when people start heading for a summer getaway.

Naturally, some of the more popular outlets based around the terminal are looking to ensure their staff levels are strong enough to cope with both the hot weather and the impending tides of excited future tourists. There are currently dozens of jobs, at varying levels of experience and in very different areas of work, at John Lennon Airport.

They include full time, part time and flexible working hours.

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Retail Currency Advisor, Travelex – £10.25 per hour

This permanent position requires the successful candidate to work a minimum of 24 hours per week, although the job posting states that this is an ideal position for someone who can work multiple shifts between Monday and the Sunday. The role is to help customers exchange money and you will learn how to tailor their experience to suit their destination.

There is also a position available for a minimum of 15 hours per week. Travelex also provides free airport parking, for anyone who wants to move around, and a respectable 22-day-a-year vacation.

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Second chef, Frankie & Benny’s – £12.50 per hour.

Early risers are encouraged to apply for this position, as shifts start at 4am. The successful candidate will be given responsibility for the kitchen, and although they are expected to get by in an often fast-paced environment, they will do so in a ‘fun’ and easy-going kitchen.

The unique position offers 28 days of vacation per year, a free meal with every shift and 50% off brands such as Brewdog and ShakeShack. There is also an opening for a full-time chef at the same restaurant.

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Bartender, Frankie & Benny’s – £9.75 to £10.50 per hour

There are several bartending jobs available at the Frankie & Benny’s outlet in the terminal on full-time and part-time contracts. Again, early risers can thrive in this job as shifts start at 4am, although not always expected, to cope with early morning airport traffic.

Again, these positions offer 28 days of vacation per year, free team meals, a 50% discount on various brands, and access to a pension plan.

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Supervisor, JD Sports – competitive hourly wage

The successful candidate will be responsible for supervising all junior staff at one of the UK’s most popular shoe and clothing stores, as well as handling some day-to-day management administrative work. They will also be responsible for handling customer complaints and inquiries to help business in the shop run smoothly.

Strong communication skills are desired, as well as some experience with computer programs such as Microsoft Excel.

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