Former WWE Superstar Backs Vince Russo (Exclusive)

Former WWE Superstar Simon Dean recently opened up about being a fan of wrestling veteran Vince Russo.

Russo was the company’s editor at the time of the attitude. He started his career as a freelance writer for WWE Magazine and later became an editor. He grew through the ranks to lead the creative team.

While some fans credit him with some of the company’s most profitable storylines, others fear his booking techniques more and blame him for WCW’s downfall.

Dean was a special guest on this week’s episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Not registered. He mentioned that although he never had the chance to meet Russo, he was a fan.

Dean further clarified that Vince’s booking made a lot of money back in the day. He felt that fans and critics often ridiculed the veteran but never gave him credit for his successful angles.

“Curiously, I’ve never met him in real life. I’ve always been a fan. I never understood the vitriol towards him, I never understood him. He made a lot of money for many guys over the years. I don’t understand why people throw the negative at him and don’t give him their flowers for the good he has done. It never made sense to me. [From 5:22 – 5:45]

You can watch the full video here:

Vince Russo found holes in Triple H’s booking of WWE programs

After this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Vince Russo mentioned that The Game was caught up in too many things on his plate at once.

He spoke from experience when he said Triple H couldn’t continue as creative lead and then move on to other roles within the company.

“I’ve said it before on this show, Triple H can’t be the head of creation and wear a hundred other hats. I don’t care bro. Triple H ain’t fucking Superman . Either be the head of creation and do nothing else, or make someone else head of creation. Head of creation is not a part-time job.”

WWE has officially elevated Triple H as the company’s Chief Content Officer. As chief content officer, he will now oversee creative writing, talent relations, live events, talent development and creative services. I love seeing him.

The former WWE Editor-in-Chief says the bookings and storylines on RAW are indicative of Triple H viewing his role as Chief Creative Officer as a part-time job.

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