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Florida Atlantic University receives state grant for cybersecurity training

  • Florida Atlantic University has received a state grant to develop and integrate cybersecurity training into its pre-existing infrastructure
  • Training should be available at the university’s colleges of business, science, and engineering.
  • The funding is part of a $20 million initiative created by Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration to implement a higher level of cybersecurity and computer training in schools across the state.
  • According to state data, there are more than 22,000 vacancies in cybersecurity in Florida

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) has received more than $800,000 from the State of Florida as part of a $15.6 million initiative to prepare students and mid-career professionals for jobs in the burgeoning fields of cybersecurity and information technology.

The College of Business, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, and College of Engineering and Computer Science will be able to advertise and expand their current cybersecurity, cryptology, and business management certification courses and programs using the $838,483 award. $. By encouraging more people to seek jobs in these sectors, these undergraduate and graduate courses and programs will help alleviate a labor shortage.

The grant money will also be used by the FAU to support CAREERS in Cybersecurity. Project goals include program enhancements, more industry partnership and internship opportunities, K-12 outreach initiatives, an interactive and educational website, and a local mass marketing effort to reach interested students and workers in the region.

The funding comes from a joint effort of the Florida Department of Education, Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Center for Cybersecurity.

“This is a powerful partnership, having three colleges working with industry to grow the cybersecurity workforce,” said Nancy RomanceEd.D., FAU Principal Investigator in the College of Engineering and Computer Science and co-author of the grant proposal.

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics survey cited by the governor’s office, the number of cybersecurity jobs is expected to grow 33% faster than normal over the next ten years. Additionally, job postings for cybersecurity-related positions have increased by 43% over the past year, according to the CyberSeek website.

DeSantis has made a concerted effort to put cybersecurity at the forefront of professional education curricula, recently implementing a $20 million program to help facilitate on-the-job school training.

The program offers students as young as 11 and 12 years old the opportunity to learn basic skills in the field of information technology, making it the first of its kind in the country. According to DeSantis, Florida has more than 22,000 high-paying cybersecurity jobs open. He believes the new initiative will help fill those vacancies.

At the state level, a Cybersecurity Task Force has been created to review operations and make recommendations to strengthen cybersecurity efforts in Florida. In the current fiscal year, cybersecurity efforts received $30 million in funding.

“We are proud of this funding. We believe this will make a difference. You’ll probably see an immediate impact, but you’ll really have a bigger impact in 5-10 years as it becomes something more standardized. It will be a very good thing for everyone involved,” DeSantis said.

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