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Fewer aldermen of Saint-Louis, higher salaries? Proposal would double salary to $74,800 | Policy

ST. LOUIS — When the St. Louis Council of Aldermen is halved to 14 from 28 members next April, elected officials in new, larger wards could potentially see their salaries double under a proposal that has been circulating in the US. city ​​Hall.

The proposal, submitted in January by a subcommittee of aldermen, called for doubling the salary of aldermen to $74,800 from the current $37,400.

The move, the subcommittee said in its report, “is consistent with halving the number of aldermen and doubling the number of electors.”

Moreover, according to the report, the resulting salary would be within the compensation range of the governing bodies of the peer cities studied by the panel.

The question was raised on Wednesday when Tom Shepard, chief of staff to Aldermanic Chairman Lewis Reed, told a budget hearing that there would be enough money in the council’s proposed budget for the financial year 2022. -2023 to account for such an increase if so decided.

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“The salary is expected … to be about double that,” Shepard said.

Such a pay rise drew strong criticism from Alderman Joe Vaccaro, a member of the Ways and Means Committee which held the hearing.

“It just seems a little over the top … to double the salaries, have staff and still have it be a part-time job,” said Vaccaro, of the 23rd arrondissement. “We will earn more than police, fire and paramedics by then.”

The plan also includes hiring an assistant for each alderman to help them make an expected jump in service requests from constituents in the major neighborhoods they will serve.

Vaccaro also questioned raising aldermen’s pay by such a large amount at a time when the city is struggling to hire and retain enough employees to pick up trash and do a variety of other jobs.

“One of the biggest complaints I get is that we can’t hire anyone because we’re not paying a competitive salary,” he said.

Shepard and Reed pointed out that no decision on a salary increase for aldermen had been made and that aldermen’s salaries would be included in a bill separate from the overall city budget.

Shepard noted that there will still be 28 wards and the current salary for aldermen for most of the fiscal year, which runs July through July.

The subcommittee of aldermen recommending the increase included Marlene Davis, 19th Ward, and two aldermen who have since resigned from the council, Heather Navarro of the 28th Ward and Sarah Wood Martin of the 11th Ward. Davis also chairs the ways and means committee.

The subcommittee said that in addition to an expected increase in calls from citizens about city services, aldermen in new, larger wards will likely have to attend more ward meetings.

The panel also said aldermen should sit on additional aldermen’s committees unless the number of committees is reduced.

The ward reduction was mandated by a 2012 voter-approved city charter amendment that took effect with last year’s redistricting following the 2020 federal census.

The panel also called for a doubling of the aldermen’s living expenses account from $4,200 a year to $8,400.

A survey conducted for the council last fall showed salaries for peer city governing body members ranged from $48,790 in Louisville, Kentucky, to $93,504 in New Orleans. Among the cities listed was Kansas City, where city council members earned $75,000 at the time.

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