Fertilizer company builds $20 million factory in Stanley

October 24—STANLEY — A new $20 million fertilizer plant is being built in Stanley that will help farmers across the region.

Loyal-based Northside Elevator began construction in late June, said Dean Schiller, the company’s chief operating officer. It should be finished by March.

The company purchased 74 acres on the west side of town. Most of the land was in the city’s industrial park, but they also bought property from a farmer that gives them access to the CN rail line.

“We were looking for a rail line, where we could get a better rate than a trucking rate,” Schiller explained. “We saw this as a good place to expand our fertilizer operation. This will help us improve our efficiency and better serve our customers in this region.”

The building will be able to store 14,000 tonnes of fertilizer. They are also building a 40,000 square foot warehouse and 1,500 square foot offices.

“It’s really exciting to see all of this happen,” Schiller said. “It helps us grow our business and take care of our customers there.”

The site will support modern Wisconsin agribusinesses with a state-of-the-art production facility, advanced logistics and exceptional customer service, a company press release said. The centerpiece of the project is a fertilizer tower plant. This system produces consistent, high-quality fertilizer at the speed necessary for farmers to have a successful planting season, the press release states.

Charlie Walker, executive director of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation, praised the business and was delighted they chose to expand to Stanley.

“This is another great victory for Chippewa County and its economic development efforts,” Walker said. “It’s really good for the farming community; it will really improve customer service.”

Walker added that the CN rail line is “a huge asset.”

“This rail line is essential for the future growth of the agriculture industry,” Walker said.

The factory is set back from the main road. Schiller said they’ve made efforts to make sure odor isn’t an issue.

“There should be a smell for the neighbors,” he said. “Wagons are unloaded indoors and fertilizers are stored indoors.”

He said there should be little dust and the company has three stormwater ponds on site.

Northside Elevator already has a feed mill and fertilizer plant in Loyal with 110 employees. The new operation will create 14 full-time jobs and possibly four part-time seasonal jobs, Schiller said. The company provides food to customers in 20 counties, he said. Northside Elevator is a privately owned family business which will celebrate its 75th anniversary next year.

To learn more, visit northsideelevator.com

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