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Elon University / Today at Elon / Elon recognizes 2021-22 staff retirees

Kathy Beal

Payroll Administrator

Kathy Beal

Kathy Beal had her first child in 1979 and quit her job to spend the first year at home to be with him. When she decided it was time to get back to work, she applied to several places without success. Eventually, going through a recruiting agency and former Elon treasurer, Buster Bulter, she was hired as an on-site payroll specialist. While at Elon, Beal was promoted to payroll administrator and served as a member of the first Staff Advisory Council at the start of the 2011-12 academic year.

Beal never dreamed she spent 42 years with Elon, but she’s beyond grateful that she did and to do so behind a network of lifelong friends.

“I will miss my Elon family the most. The lasting friendships formed over the years are amazing,” Beal said. “Elon has been so good to me and has given me so many opportunities to learn and travel. My husband and I hope to travel a bit, relax and spend time with our friends and family.”

Tom Brinkley

Executive Director of the Student Professional Development Center

Tom Brinkley, Executive Director of the Center for Student Professional Development

Tom Brinkley joined Elon in 2011 to help establish the Student Professional Development Center. As Executive Director of the SPDC, Brinkley was blessed to rebuild the Career Center with a wonderful team of highly talented professionals.

Although he officially retired in December 2021, he continued to assist Boldly Elon’s strategic plan through the spring semester of 2022. His future plans include spending more time with his wife, Susan, and their six grandkids and catching up on the trips he missed during COVID.

“I will miss everything about working at Elon, from students to faculty and staff,” Brinkley said. “I appreciate the support the SPDC has received over the years from Elon’s administration, parents and employers, which has resulted in the SPDC gaining national recognition, most recently ranked # #4 in the country by the Princeton Review.”

Barry Coe

Community Services Officer

Barry Coe

After retiring from the Chapel Hill Police Department, Barry Coe joined Elon in the fall of 2007 and started as a security guard. He later became a Community Services Officer and was tasked with helping support non-law enforcement activities within the Elon Campus Police and Security Department.

Coe said every day at Elon is interesting because of the variety and diversity of the Elon community. Observing and interacting with his peers, administrators and Elon’s students is what Coe says he will miss most.

“The campus is an attractive environment in which to spend service hours,” Coe said. But the one thing he appreciates the most is “the gift Elon gave my daughter to fund a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics,” Coe said.

Caroline Ent

Director of Events, Office of the President

Carolyn Ent began her career at Elon in 2007 after Sara Peterson, former chief of staff in the president’s office, persuaded her to come. With a hatred for the brutal winters of Ithaca, New York, where she worked for Cornell University, and an affinity for the people of Elon, she decided to make it her new home.

Prior to Elon, Ent worked in alumni affairs and development at Cornell. She served as Director of Developmental Events at Duke and Director of Special Events at University of Maryland College Park.

What Ent will miss most at Elon is working with the staff and planning the President’s Christmas party and staff tailgates. “Seeing Elon’s marching band at the staff tailgate is one of my favorite memories, besides working at Maynard House with the president,” Ent said.

In her new free time, Ent plans to continue working with her husband on their antique and jewelry business. She will also do freelance conference planning.

Smith Jackson

Assistant to the President, Associate Professor of Education and Vice President Emeritus of Student Life and Dean of Students

Smith Jackson was drawn to Elon because it is a community with a “positive restlessness – constantly seeking and striving to improve, determined not to be satisfied” in its quest to inspire and empower people. students the means to flourish, to succeed and to achieve their dreams.

He came to Elon as Dean of Students in 1994 and served as Vice President and Dean of Students from 1997 until 2017, when he led the founding of Elon’s Master of Arts in Higher Education program, which just completed its third cohort of students. What he will miss most about coming to Elon every day is the collaborative relationships and teamwork of world-class staff, faculty, and university leaders united to advance student learning in and out of the classroom.

Jackson plans to spend time with his beautiful wife, Rene, their three children and five grandchildren “age five and under five,” pursue creative pursuits such as woodworking and playing the piano, enjoying nature and being alert to opportunities for local citizenship and community involvement, as well as seeing the many wonders of this great nation.

Sandra Kilpatrick

Acquisitions Manager at Belk Library

Sandra Kilpatrick started working at Elon in 1988 to be closer to home. It ended up being the best decision she ever made. Her duties at Belk’s library began filling out cards in the library’s card catalog and ordering books.

Over time, she had become an acquisitions manager at Belk and ordered books and other items from around the world. Her favorite memory of her time in Elon is when she moved into Belk’s library.

His plans for the future are “to do anything, anytime!” My motto is, “I can always do it tomorrow,” Kilpatrick said.

Beverly McQueen

Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Advancement Services Coordinator

Beverly McQueen

Beverly McQueen joined Elon in the summer of 2003 after moving from Maryland. McQueen started as a program assistant for gift planning and corporate relations before becoming associate director of advancement services.

McQueen retired from his full-time job at Elon in June 2021, but continued to work part-time as Advancement Services Coordinator. McQueen said he will miss all of the co-workers who became friends and the wonderful work environment at Elon.

During his retirement, McQueen plans to travel to the United States and spend more time with his children and grandchildren.

Debbie Perry

Program Assistant for the Department of Education and Wellness and Exercise Sciences

October 16, 1991 was Debbie Perry’s first day at Elon. His neighbor, Karen Hughes, was working in the bursar’s office at the time and told him about a vacancy for a part-time secretary position at the school of education. “I could very well be the last program assistant, then secretary, still at Elon who had to take a timed typing test as part of the interview process,” Perry said.

For the past 30 years, she has held the same position within the department after several name changes and a split into three schools. But one thing remained constant – his admiration for the faculty and staff of the School of Education and his colleagues on campus.

“Besides typical travel and spending more time with family etc, my plan is to learn to ‘stay still and know’, practice mindfulness and let this journey evolve organically to see where this leads me,” Perry said.

Jean Rattigan Rohr

Vice President for Access and Success and Professor of Education

Jean Rattigan-Rohr, vice-president of access and success and professor of education

Jean Rattigan-Rohr came to Elon in 2007 as an assistant professor in the School of Education after being recruited from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

What she accomplished in the 15 years that followed is nothing short of monumental. Rattigan-Rohr was the first black professor to serve in the School of Education, the first black woman to serve as a senior executive at Elon, and the first black person to be named vice president of Elon. In 2008, she founded the “It Takes a Village” project, a national and international literacy awareness initiative for struggling K-12 students.

As a published poet and playwright, Rattigan-Rohr eagerly awaits time to complete his anthology of works.

“I will miss the wonderful colleagues I have worked with and the many friendships I have made here,” Rattigan-Rohr said. “I will also miss the wonderful community partners, the Village Public School students and their families. »

Linda Somer

Receptionist at the sports department

Linda Somer

Linda Somers worked as a receptionist for the athletic department for 22 years after working as a secretary for Elon’s football team.

Noting a famous quote, “When you go down the road and see a turtle on a fence post, you can bet it didn’t get there on its own,” Somers acknowledged the many Elon people who have it. helped along the way.

“Neither of us could do our job without each other,” Somers said. “So many people have made me look good and I thank them for that. I miss the staff and the students.

Her future plans include spending time with her husband on their farm and “doing nothing or whatever I like, whenever I want”.

Paul Weller

Senior Scientific Laboratory Manager

Paul Weller started at Elon in February 1997 after leaving Sherwin-Williams. “My new supervisor wanted a plant engineer rather than a plant chemist,” Weller said.

Weller said he will miss coming to work every day, but will spend his newly acquired free time working in his carpentry shop.

Sue Williams

Administrative assistant at the law school

Sue Williams

Sue Williams has been a member of the Elon University School of Law since her inaugural year in 2006. She joined the law school because she wanted to be part of an “energetic, growing and challenging school of higher learning.” which also offered room for advancement.

Williams served as a law school receptionist, faculty assistant, and assistant in the development and alumni relations offices before her retirement in September 2021.

“I miss the many friends, staff and professors I have made while working at law school,” Williams said. “The camaraderie I experienced with the various law school groups was exemplary.

In retirement, she plans to spend more time with her grandchildren and great-grandson, gardening, traveling and her favorite hobby, knitting.

Other retired staff

Sadie Allen


Dwight Davis

Belk Library late night library specialist and IT support

Doris Davis

Belk Library Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Assistant

Jane Denton

Special Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration

wayne goke

Law School Maintenance Mechanic

Judy Hamler

Belk Library Director of Acquisitions

Glenda Ireland


Troy Starnes

plumber and mechanic

Anthony Stubblefield

grounds maintenance worker

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