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Fifty-two new teachers are joining the district this school year is “quite a feat in today’s market,” Williamsport Area School District Superintendent Dr. Timothy S. Bowers said, referring to teacher shortages in some areas.

Bowers also awarded the “soft start” to the school year to the work that the staff had been doing in preparation over the summer and to the preparation for the opening of the schools last week.

“The good news is we’re up and running”, Bowers told the school board during their meeting this week.

It was noted that the district still has vacancies, especially in catering.

Three school police officers in the district have been approved in separate employee agreements at the rate of $32 an hour: Benjamin H. Laurenson, Brett Herbst and Trent Peacock.

Board member Adam Welteroth noted that hiring additional police officers shows how seriously the district takes student safety.

Under staff, the board approved the following food service workers at $12 an hour: Brittany Pangburn, Elizabeth Schwenk, Jenae Bishop and Lacey Martin.

Cheri Carson, Cynthia Nasdeo, Matthew Z. Herbst, Kiana Walker and Tirae Nichols were hired as substitute administrative aides/assistants at a rate of $12 per hour up to a maximum of 180 days per year.

The following fall sports coaches and their respective schools and salary rates, if any, are: Williamsport Area Middle School Cross Country Volunteers: William R. Baird and Benjamin R. Thomas.

Jeffrey P. Smith was named assistant band director with a $4,000 stipend. Donald J. Fisher will be the wind coordinator with a stipend of $2,400.

The following individuals in the positions indicated at the stipend rates indicated have been approved:

• Band: Todd L. Kendall, director of the Williamsport Area High School Concert Band, $2,215; Jazz Band, Todd L. Kendall, $1,200; Williamsport-area middle school principal Donald J. Fisher, $1,600; Middle Schools: Principals, Lycoming Valley, Carol Smith, $960; Curtin, Jeffrey P. Smith, $1,200.

• Choir: Williamsport Area High School: Principal, Megan E. Louder, $1,700; director, Samuel A. Robinson, $2,000; The Singer, Megan E. Louder, $1,020; GQ, Samuel A. Robinson, $1,200 Williamsport Area Middle School Principals: Lori Nelson $1,600; Jennifer Wright, $1,600 Middle School Principals: Curtin, Michelle L. Hinkal, $1,329; Lycoming Valley, Jason Sandonato, $960.

• Orchestra: Williamsport Area High School: director, Matthew A. Radspinner, $2,215; Williamsport Area Middle School: Principal, Kathleen O. Mondell, $1,600; Principals of middle schools; Curtin, Anna L. Radspinner, $1,329; Lycoming Valley, Christopher Gorman, $960.

The board accepted the following resignations: Bonnie M. Maddox, full-time administrative support I in the district tax office; Cynthia A. Nasdeo, food service worker at Cochran Elementary School; Gary L. Baer, ​​full-time maintenance specialist; Jill P. Robbins, full-time first-grade teacher at Jackson Primary; Patricia A. Shaffer, part-time assistant at Lycoming Valley Intermediate; and Wendy R. Corey, who is retiring as an uncertified substitute teacher.

The board approved the following election of staff at the rates of pay shown: Breana L. Dauberman, part-time aide at Jackson Primary; Chelsea R. Rogers, part-time foodservice worker at Curtin Intermediate; Kelsey Hope, temporary professional school social worker/elementary home and school visitor, $56,757; Mary P. Helminiak, full-time Administrative Assistant I at Middle School; Yahziah J. Slaughter, part-time high school assistant; and Emily Tate, RN, as a substitute health room technician, $32 per hour.

Casey Thurber has been approved as an American Sign Language and Pidgin Sign English interpreter, to provide day-to-day backup interpreter services, as needed, at a rate of $40 per hour.

Other items approved by the board included: a memorandum of understanding with newly hired Alicia Differ as full-time K-12 director for the district; a contract with Conrad Siegel Actuaries to complete, file, and mail 2022 IRS employee and employer tax forms to comply with Affordable Care Act regulations for a cost of $7,900; the addition of an assistant college cheerleading coach stipend position of $1,600.

The tenders and approved contract were as follows: Alteration of Order I from Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc., Montoursville, to mill and place subbase and asphalt at Cochran Primary at a cost of $29,213 for the district. The change order also includes the milling of underlayment, base course and surface course asphalt at a cost of $7,004 which will be reimbursed by the City of Williamsport for the driveway abutting the parking area; Food Facilities Concepts, Inc., Carnegie will provide food service design services for the Lycoming Valley Intermediate renovation project at a cost of $17,000; Kleinfelder, Mechanicsburg, to provide services related to the Geotech survey and report for the Lycoming Valley Intermediate renovation project; adding Facility Scheduling to the district’s FMX software license at an initial cost of $5,377; and an agreement with the Old Lycoming Township Volunteer Fire Company to provide ambulance service for home football games at a rate of $60 per hour for the 2022 season.

The next board meeting will be at 6 p.m. on September 20 at the District Center, 2780 W. Fourth St.

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