Derek Phinney is Millis High School’s new athletic director

What needs to be done?


And or is everything? August 19, right outside his office in boxes.

Derek Phinney has since moved in after taking over as acting athletic director at Millis High School.

There’s still much to do.

Phinney’s first order of business after starting the job on August 15 was to create a case for the nearly 150 email inquiries he had received. Then it was to the helmets.

Thanks to a large freshman class of 16 players — part of the 62 who came out for college and high school football — he was busy reaching out to other schools with lower numbers in a bid to get a helmet.

The higher-than-expected turnout was “a good problem to have,” he said.

After:Supply chain shortage has regional football teams scrambling for football helmets

Derek Phinney is the new athletic director of Millis High School on August 26.

Phinney is entering her 13th year at the school as a health and wellness instructor. He was Chuck Grant’s AD assistant for the previous three years.

“I kind of learn on the job and figure that out while teaching an entire class load,” Phinney said. “I’m just trying to keep myself out of the water and do whatever it takes – equipment and safety – to get the kids out in the field. I’ll clean everything up as I go.

Grant, who was at Millis for 20 years before taking a job at Tiverton High School in Rhode Island, said via text that Phinney’s ability to “adapt on the fly will come in handy with the ever-changing job duties of today” which include shortages of buses and referees. as well as hiring coaches.

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