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ADMINISTRATOR ISSUES – After learning they had not properly fired the former village administrator, Wintersville council members met Thursday to do so and to approve newly hired administrator Jesse Kosegi’s salary . –Warren Scott

WINTERSVILLE — The Wintersville council met Thursday for a second vote on the dismissal of the former village administrator and to approve the salary of his successor.

Mayor Mike Petrella told attendees that he and the council learned they had not properly fired former administrator Walter Ziemba, so another vote was needed.

Councilman Jason Mattern had questioned whether the January 5 council vote was correct because it involved a majority of council members present at the time, but not a majority of those on the panel.

Village attorney Jake Linn confirmed that under Ohio’s revised code, four of the village’s six council members must approve such action.

Votes cast on the issue Thursday were much the same as Jan. 5, with Council members Randy Spence, Carmen DeStefano and Pennie Scarpone again supporting Ziemba’s firing while councilors Bob Merriman and Mattern voted against.

The only difference was a vote to terminate by Councilwoman Gael Damron, who was absent on January 5.

Petrella again declined to comment on the reason for Ziemba’s removal, again referring to Ohio Revised Code Section 735.273, which states that a village administrator may be removed without cause at the request of the mayor. and with the consent of the majority of council.

On Jan. 19, the board accepted Petrella’s recommendation to fill the vacancy with Jesse Kosegi, a former Wintersville police officer who currently serves as a part-time village trustee in Bridgeport, Ohio.

On Thursday, the council agreed to offer Kosegi an annual salary of $60,000 while specifying that his service to the village will be full-time from February 6.

Following the meeting, Petrella said that while he and the board understood that Kosegi’s role would be full-time, there was a misperception among others that he would serve part-time, such as the Ziemba had done.

The mayor said he believes Kosegi intends to remain a part-time administrator for Bridgeport, as he has done while holding another full-time position which he will leave.

The next regular Council meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on February 2.

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