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Cybersecurity will now be taught at this university

Jamtara: Jamtara in Jharkhand has been the news center across the country for cybercrime and cyberfraud. There have been countless incidents where people have been duped from there through the internet and money has been diverted from their accounts in a jiffy. Almost every state police investigated a case in Jamtara. Hence, the study of cyber security has now started at Ranchi University. Governor Ramesh Bais, who arrived for the launch of his course, said they were so afraid of cyber fraud that they only used cellphones to make incoming and outgoing calls.

For this reason, the governor said that cyber fraud occurs by adopting many types of tactics through the Internet. Cyber ​​experts are needed on a massive scale to curb this. People also need to be careful. They need to identify spam calls for KYC updates or anything else. Issues such as online fraud blackmail and hacking have become commonplace.

He said cybercriminals were wasting money saying people’s accounts should be updated and accounts would be blocked. Cybercriminals adopt a variety of tactics. By sending links related to winning the prize, they trick ordinary people into their trap. Nowadays, you have to be careful when shopping online. No need to fall into the greed of useless links. The Governor said the new program will be able to provide better job opportunities and open up new dimensions of employment. It will also help control a global challenge like cybercrime. The course will also contribute significantly to the awareness of mobile phone users. The first objective of cybersecurity is to keep the ordinary citizen safe on the Internet. Although the Internet makes life easier, it can also cause harm. These points of the cybersecurity program require intensive research, he said. Challenges like cybercrime can be tackled through high-level scientific research. On the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, efforts should be made to utilize the mental capacity of those involved in cybercrime for human benefit. This course is very important in Jharkhand. If there can be a crime in Jamtara, the experts can also arrest it in Ranchi.

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