Cybersecurity & Recruitment: The Two Biggest Risks to Your Business in 2022

Today, it’s no secret that cyberattacks pose catastrophic risks to businesses large and small. The rise of remote working, the digitalization of businesses, the scope of IoT devices, the availability of hacking tools… all of this has pushed cybersecurity under the noses of even the most reluctant executives.

But how big is the risk in 2022?

According to PwC’s survey of enterprise risk management, the answer is “very.”

40% of respondents (722 US executives) rated “more frequent and/or more widespread cyberattacks” as a serious risk. This was high on the list of business leaders’ concerns. This is followed closely by “talent acquisition and retention”, with 38% considering it a serious risk.

As a recruitment consultancy specializing in cybersecurity, Focus on Security’s expertise lies in all things cybersecurity and recruitment, so we thought we would step in on the matter.

Cybersecurity issues are ranked number one business risk

Business leaders believe that cyber threats pose a greater risk to their organization than any other. Historically, cybersecurity has largely been left as an IT problem – “for the attention of the CISO”. Gartner suggests that the role of the CISO needs to change, as responsibility for cyber risk has shifted outside of IT. We are beginning to see this change. In the PwC survey, 51% of board members rated cyberattacks as a serious risk (and 35% as a moderate risk), and this is the highest percentage of any other category of chief executives. of business.

Clearly, the cybersecurity landscape is changing. PwC suggests that integrating a cybersecurity strategy into every initiative and implementation will be a good step for your organization, seeing it as a general business issue, not just an IT issue. Another recommendation would be to invest in training all staff, taking a holistic approach, instead of traditional compliance-focused training. You will also need to keep a close eye on your risk level.

The question is, do you have the staff to handle this?

Staff recruitment and retention

This is the second biggest risk for businesses, according to survey respondents. Interestingly, companies are focusing on growth, but rationalizing their workforces. Although 50% of business leaders are reducing their workforce, finding and retaining staff remains a major concern.

It’s about being able to find the right talent and the right mix of skills – quality over quantity. This is particularly difficult when the talent market is short of candidates, as it is currently. With the ever-increasing use of technology in businesses and the automation of processes, it is important not to skimp on talent in this area, especially when it comes to cybersecurity professionals.

So what are business leaders doing to address staffing challenges? Remote work opportunities have multiplied, attracting new talent looking for a more flexible working life. HR strategies are also being studied and managers are considering acquisitions to gain access to talent.

PwC recommends a deeper analysis of your workforce to understand the skills and capabilities you need now and will need in the future. They also recommend investing in fostering the right culture and focusing on employee engagement. This is particularly relevant with cybersecurity professionals; ThreatConnect found that 32% report being very stressed about their current job and 55% report that their stress level has increased over the past 6 months. Cybersecurity professionals are burning out and this is leading to high turnover in the industry. Retaining the talent you need is much faster and more cost effective than hiring new employees. Addressing the reasons why your cybersecurity staff is burning out and/or leaving will kill two birds with one stone; ensuring that you address the risks to your businesses posed by both cyber threats and personnel issues.

How can we help?

Finding and keeping the right cybersecurity talent is not an easy task. You must first understand where the skills and abilities you need are lacking, and go into your recruitment process with this in mind. Many companies are unable to pursue acquisitions to gain access to talent, but there are other options.

Focus on Security are the cybersecurity staffing experts. Our recruitment specialists focus solely on the world of cybersecurity talent and have extensive networks of leading professionals. We focus on the entire recruitment process, starting with identifying the talent you need, taking into account your business processes and objectives. Once we have identified what you are looking for, we can use our resources to find the right person. We consult with you throughout the hiring process and advise you on how to retain talent afterwards.

Contact us today to see how we can help your organization.

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