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Cybersecurity innovator Coro launches Incubiz, a unique incubator program to discover and develop the next generation of cybersecurity entrepreneurs


Coro’s New Launchpad Aims to Address National Cybersecurity Skills Gap, Provide Fair Employment Opportunities for Illinois Workforce, and Support Chicago’s Booming Tech Scene

CHICAGO, July 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — coro, the all-in-one cybersecurity platform for midsize businesses, growing businesses and lean IT teams, today announced the launch of its unique Incubiz program. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs build and grow a successful business in one of today’s hottest markets – cybersecurity – with no risk, no upfront cost, or no experience required.

Incubiz will debut in Chicago, Illinois, where Coro’s newest US office is located. Small businesses represent 99.6% of private businesses in Illinois, making it a vital part of the state’s economy. In addition, Illinois is the 7th largest tech employer in the nation, employing more than 318,000 people. According to Zoominfo, Chicago and surrounding suburbs are home to approximately 219,000 small and medium businesses and more than 4,000 medium-sized businesses. It is also one of the hottest startup marketplaces in the United States, with over six thousand tech companies and 378 startups. based in the city for the past five years, these companies are all vying for help with cybersecurity, making Chicago the perfect hub for Coro’s next stage of growth.

Driven by a strong talent pipeline, the state of Illinois is on track to achieve Tier 1 tech hub status. 2021, it has had the fourth-highest increase in tech job openings, and only three states have created more tech jobs than Illinois in the past decade. But with job opportunities shifting from the manufacturing state to service- and knowledge-based work, many middle-wage jobs have been cut and many workers lack the skills or knowledge. education needed to get a better paid job. A recent Illinois Future of Work Report found that there was a need to create “stronger on-ramps to high-paying jobs” in the state, citing that not having a bachelor’s degree prevents many people from being considered for positions. better paid. This further polarizes the job market, given that only 35.5% of adults in Illinois have a bachelor’s degree.

In support of the state’s drive to make better-paying jobs available to more workers, leverage Chicago’s tech momentum, and shut down cybersecurity skills gap our nation faces, Coro has created an innovative and one-of-a-kind program to provide employment opportunities in one of the hottest markets today, without any prior cybersecurity experience or college education.

The Incubiz program is open to entrepreneurs who want to start a cybersecurity business, buy a franchise, or start a managed service provider/managed security service provider (MSP/MSSP) that provides outsourced security monitoring and management. Incubiz offers employees the opportunity to obtain higher incomes without the precondition of many similar job offers. Those accepted into Coro’s 18-month Incubiz program will receive the training, support and infrastructure necessary to develop a valuable skill set and ultimately launch their own cybersecurity business. Not only is there no cost to participants, but they will receive a competitive salary as a Coro Certified Safety Consultant. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to operate independently, but with access to ongoing support and residual income from any customers brought in during the incubation period.

“Coro’s mission is to continuously innovate and develop the best possible cybersecurity tools. We are excited to offer our expertise and resources to help the next generation of e-entrepreneurs through our new Incubiz program,” said Jim Tarantino, chief revenue officer at Coro. “The Illinois job market is at a crossroads, and this program is a great opportunity for workers to get higher-paying jobs without needing a predefined skill set or credential. Chicago is the perfect market to launch IncuBiz, and we look forward to adding to the city’s thriving tech scene and providing more equitable employment opportunities within the state.

Coro has developed its powerful cybersecurity platform to address notable cybersecurity gaps in the mid-market and SMB segments, making enterprise-grade security accessible to any business at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Coro is one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies today and has seen significant momentum with 300% year-over-year growth for each of the past three years and through 2022. Earlier this year, Coro announced $80 million in funding and rapid expansion. in the Chicago market.

Coro plans to roll out the IncuBiz program nationwide in the future. To learn more about Coro’s zero-risk IncuBiz program or to apply to participate, visit

About Coro
Coro is one of the fastest growing security solutions for the middle market, providing all-in-one protection that enables organizations to defend against malware, ransomware, phishing and bots on devices, users and cloud applications. More than 5,000 businesses depend on Coro for global security protection, unmatched ease of use and unmatched price. Built on the principle of non-disruptive security, the Coro platform uses innovative artificial intelligence technology to identify and remediate the many security threats facing today’s distributed enterprises, without IT teams having to to worry about, investigate or solve problems themselves. Coro’s investors include Balderton Capital, JVP, MizMaa Ventures and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.

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