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Cyber, space jobs for SA

Former Ambassador Jeff Bleich at the opening of the Jeff Bleich Center for the US Alliance in Digital Technology, Security and Governance.

In the digital age, South Australia is well placed to build capacity and employment in cybersecurity and the space industry – to underpin Australia’s diplomatic and defense ties in the region and on the stage. world, says US international expert Jeff Bleich.

In Adelaide this week, former US Ambassador to Australia and namesake of Flinders University’s Jeff Bleich Center for the US Alliance for Digital Technology, Security and Governance (or “JBC”) is due to meet the South African Prime Minister Peter Malinauskas, senior government officials and private sector leaders.

“South Australia is internationally recognized as an increasingly important cyber and space hub for the Indo-Pacific region,” said The Honorable Jeff Bleich, who has also served as Special Adviser to former US President Barack Obama.

“The introduction of the AUKUS Treaty underscored the importance of the US-Australia alliance, the values ​​we share as democracies and the future we strive to secure for our people,” he said. declared.

Mr. Jeff Bleich, American diplomat and businessman, is this week in Adelaide and at Flinders University.

“New technologies have given hostile nations, organized crime networks, terrorist groups and hacktivists low-cost, high-impact tools. The threats go beyond damage to networks, financial systems, etc. — they threaten such fundamental things as how we elect our leaders and govern ourselves, and how we will work with close allies.

Presentation by Mr Bleich at an Adelaide SA public sector workshop.

“It has never been more important for governments and social institutions to adapt to the fact that some of our greatest security threats reside in space and cyber.”

The AUKUS trilateral security pact for the Indo-Pacific region was announced by Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States in September 2021.

Mr. Bleich will participate in an American Chamber of Commerce SA business luncheon on “Space and Cyber: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities” which will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister Susan Close and US Consul General Kathleen Lively .

Mr Bleich said he was “honored to be able to speak directly with South Australian government leaders about the rapidly emerging cyber landscape that is impacting our lives – here in Australia, at home in the US and in many other democratic countries at this critical time.”

During his visit to South Africa, Mr. Bleich will help organize free workshops to educate South Africa’s senior officials in cyber social awareness. Entitled “Navigating the Digital Dilemma”, the JBC workshops received funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Professor Michael Gilding, Vice President and Executive Dean of Flinders University College of Business, Government and Law.

Michael Gilding, professor at Flinders University, vice president and executive director of the College of Business Government and Law, says the Jeff Bleich Center conducts training and research in key areas of digital and space security.

“The JBC is a research and training center created to inform the public and democratic policymakers about the challenges posed to democratic societies by digital technologies,” says Professor Gilding.

“Research and talent are needed to help the public and policymakers recognize potential threats, unite around solutions, and deploy laws, regulations, countermeasures, and public education to anticipate and develop plans to deal with new threats.

“Because of their rare history of trust and cooperation in the digital space, the United States and Australia are uniquely positioned to collaborate on the development of these solutions,” he said.

The Jeff Bleich Center at Flinders University aspires to be a trusted and respected public resource from which leaders of Allied Democratic Nations, their universities, and other civic institutions seeking a liberal international order can derive information. resources, develop collaborative solutions and find talent to respond to the political questions posed by the digital age that threaten their common democratic values ​​and structures.

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