You are currently viewing Crumbl Cookies in Evans keeps customers coming back for the latest cookie

Crumbl Cookies in Evans keeps customers coming back for the latest cookie

Evans resident Ashlee Sheppard said she couldn’t count the number of times her family had been to Crumbl Cookies since moving to town.

“My daughter and daughter-in-law and I ate more cookies than average,” Sheppard said. “I might need a part-time job to fund our Crumbl cookie craze!”

The new sweet spot opened in Evans on April 22.

The cookies at Crumbl Cookies are extra thick and tall, and they’re made on site, fresh.

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Maddox Medlin, 10, prepares to taste cookies from the recently opened Crumbl Cookies in Evans.

Marie Watts of Augusta said, “Having them served hot is a game-changer.”

The company receives a new menu of cookie recipes every week. Every Sunday at 8 p.m., the franchise posts a new set of cookies on social media that won’t be available until the following week. Sometimes a recipe will be repeated, but only the chocolate chip cookie is guaranteed to come back.

Crumbl Cookies is also trying to get creative, offering options like a mango frozen yogurt cookie, a peanut butter cookie featuring Muddy Buddies, and on Wednesday, May 4, the franchise announced “mystery cookies” until ‘see you Saturday.

Crumbl Cookies in Evans has a great team to bake cookies and ensure they are available fresh and hot.

“The suspense of flavors to come next week is driving me crazy!” Shepard said.

They also offer ice cream and milk to go with the cookies.

All of these elements combined for an experience that led to lines of customers circling the building and very active social media attention, with many people wondering if it was worth it, to which many responded. “yes”.

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