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Coursera launches Career Academy and certificates from Meta and IBM

Coursera announced the launch of Career Academy for institutions, a new career training academy to prepare learners – even those without a college degree or previous work experience – for in-demand jobs with professional certificates from entry level from large companies such as Google, IBM and Meta.

With Career Academy, higher education institutions, governments and businesses can upskill and retrain students, workers and employees for careers in the new economy at unprecedented speed and scale, the company says.

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, said, “Since 2020, our world has seen extraordinary changes. Online learning has accelerated and we have been propelled into a new world of remote and hybrid working.”

He says, “Students and workers must have access to flexible, affordable and accelerated learning and career pathways to take advantage of these unprecedented career opportunities.

According to Coursera, learners enrolled in a Career Academy institution can:

  • Earn entry-level professional certificates from industry leaders including Google, IBM, and Meta to prepare for 18 in-demand careers as a data analyst, UX designer, app developer, and media marketer social, among others. Each certificate is designed for learners with no prior industry experience to complete in an average of 6-8 months (3-10 hours per week), completely online.
  • Get real-world experience with guided projects to build skills in less than two hours and stand out to employers in interviews and in the field. With hands-on learning and interactive assessments, learners apply their skills by working with real industrial tools. For example, a budding data analyst can practice SQL, Python, and Tableau, while UX designers can create projects using Figma and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Explore the right career path with an overview of common job titles, skill requirements and average regionalized salary, if applicable. Learners have the ability to learn at their own pace fully online across web and mobile.

Coursera has also expanded the entry-level professional certificate catalog with six new certificates from two industry leaders, designed to prepare learners for every high-demand role.

These certificates are available to all learners and, in the coming months, they will also be available as part of Career Academy:

  • Front End Developer, Back End Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer and Database Engineer Professional Meta Certificates. These five certificates will equip learners with the skills needed for entry-level jobs in some of the most in-demand software engineering roles. Launch scheduled for June-July 2022.
  • IBM Technical Support Professional Certificate. This seven-course certificate helps learners prepare for a career in IT and technical support, covering key skills such as hardware and mobile device configuration, software configuration, troubleshooting, and cybersecurity fundamentals .

Jeff adds, “We are offering Career Academy to help realize the promise of this new era, where the combination of online learning and remote working creates greater access to educational and economic opportunities.”

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