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ComEd is hiring 500 people to bolster its workforce to meet increased demand as more electric vehicles hit the roads

CHICAGO (SCS) — Electricity. It’s powering the device you’re using to read this story right now, but will juice be scarce as more EVs charge?

Electricity supplier Com-Ed hopes not. Morning Insider Lauren Victory has the inside scoop on an announcement that the company just released to avoid future outages.

On any construction site, safety always comes first. ComEd teams remain aware of their surroundings, but these days are also aware of the significance of their missions. They dress for the future.

“It’s amazing, because you can’t do anything without electricity,” said Savoya Taylor, aerial electricity specialist.

There is no doubt that our electrical grid will feel the heat as more and more electric vehicles consume energy to hit the road.

CBS2 cameras were there as Taylor and his teammates traded a transformer at Hamlin Avenue and Irving Park Road. Installing a new transformer is just one example of the upgrades needed to handle an expected increase in demand.

To keep pace, ComEd announced on Tuesday that it would add 500 people to its workforce over the next three years. The company will give priority to hiring women.

“A lot of women think it’s impossible, but when they see me here, they cheer. They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, so I want to do this,'” said Taylor, who was the first woman in her. electrical troubleshooting role.

To get your foot in the door, no experience is necessary. ComEd will teach you how to climb utility poles, with the option to climb the ladder as well.

You will earn up to $30 per hour starting as an assistant like Leejohn Johnson.

“Maintain truck stock, help with materials for the lineman who was actually going to do the job,” Johnson said, explaining the senior assistant position. His promotion to a six-figure lineman came after a 2.5-year paid apprenticeship.

“2.5 years seems like a long time, but it goes by pretty quickly,” Johnson said.

Also quite fast: how quickly crews need to make retrofit fixes and move on to the next one.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office told CBS 2 that 43,481 electric vehicles are currently registered in our state. Legislation passed in 2021 provided rebates to help the state meet its goal of putting 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

ComEd will open its entry-level job openings on May 23, but act quickly – applications close on June 9.

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