Clinical Medicine Salary in Kenya, Course Requirements, Job Opportunities

Kenyan health workers have always fought the state for better salaries. In 2017, doctors went on a 100-day strike demanding a 300% pay rise. Eventually, the strike was successful after the government gave in to their demands and increased doctors’ salaries and allowances. But what is the outlook for clinical medicine salary in Kenya?

Clinical medicine salary in Kenya
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Salaries in Kenya are mostly based on an individual’s job group or profession. However, the job groups mainly apply to Kenyan civil servants more than those in the private sector. Additionally, the country, through the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), categorizes job groups based on a person’s level of education, skills, and certification.

The clinical medicine salary in Kenya depends on the level of education and certification of a person. In other words, an entry-level clinical officer earns less than a senior clinical officer. Similarly, a senior clinician earns less than an assistant director of clinical services.

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How much does clinical medicine pay in Kenya?

The clinical medicine salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh 41,260 per month to Ksh 197,800 per month. The amounts mainly apply to people employed by central government or county government. In addition to salaries, clinical medical professionals in Kenya receive allowances including:

  • Housing allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • hardship allowance
  • Daily subsistence allowance
  • Medical plan

How much does a clinician earn per month in Kenya?

The Public Service Commission of Kenya initially classified clinical officers into five categories:

  • Clinical manager
  • Senior Clinical Manager
  • Assistant Director of Clinical Services
  • Assistant Director of Clinical Services
  • Director of Clinical Services

The five categories made it easier to place clinical officers into their job groups based on their level of education, skills, and certification. Therefore, starting with Clinical Officer (entry-level position) to Director of Clinical Services, the job groups were L, N, P, R, and S, respectively. clinic at KEMRI for employed professions at county level was:

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  • Clinical Officer – Ksh 59,120.
  • Senior Clinical Officer – Ksh 87,360.
  • Deputy Director, Clinical Services – Ksh 121,430.
  • Deputy Director, Clinical Services – Ksh 169,140.
  • Director, Clinical Services – Ksh 197,800.

Clinical medicine salary in Kenya

In 2020, the ministry responsible for the clinical services function in Kenya and the Public Service Commission revised the service package for clinical staff. The job groups have also changed to J, K, L, N, and P. Therefore, the monthly salaries for clinical staff employed by the county government are:

1. Registered Clinical Officer II – Ksh 41,260

Chartered Clinician II is the entry grade for those who have completed a degree in clinical medicine in Kenya. Entry-level officers work under the close supervision and guidance of a senior officer.

The officer’s duties and responsibilities include taking a patient history, examining and diagnosing a patient, ordering laboratory and imaging tests, and treating common ailments in outpatients or in hospitalization.

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Clinical medicine salary in Kenya
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Registered Clinician II belongs to job group J, where the monthly salary is Ksh 41,260. In addition, the officer is entitled to clinical officer allowances in Kenya including accommodation, commuting, hardship allowance, daily subsistence allowance and medical scheme.

2. Registered Clinical Officer I – Ksh 51,170

Certified Clinician I performs all of the functions of a Certified Clinician II. However, they do not necessarily require the supervision of a senior officer. Additionally, they can perform surgeries according to their training and skills and collect and compile clinical data.

They are also responsible for providing outreach clinical and school health services, organizing health management teams, and convening health management committees. Registered Clinical Officer I is in Job Group K. If employed at county government level, he earns a salary of Ksh 51,170.

3. Senior Chartered Clinical Officer – Ksh 59,120.

A senior licensed clinical officer is responsible for implementing community health care activities. They must also work with other health workers at the community level to prevent disease. Additionally, officers can take a patient’s history and examine, diagnose, treat, and manage illnesses and conditions.

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They also offer specialist clinical services, including trauma, orthopedics, reproductive health, child and pediatric health, and dermatology, and collect and compile clinical data.

A Senior Licensed Clinical Officer is eligible for promotion to the position if he or she has held the position of Licensed Clinical Officer I for a minimum period of three years and has demonstrated merit and ability in performance and work results. Upon promotion to the post, officers join job group L at the county level and receive a monthly salary of Ksh 59,120 plus allowances.

4. Registered Senior Clinical Officer II – Ksh 65,120

A Registered Senior Clinician II provides clinical services in a healthcare facility. The officer conducts ward rounds, reviews and makes necessary referrals, performs surgical procedures according to their training and skills, and implements clinical service quality assurance procedures, guidelines, and standards .

The officer is responsible for implementing medico-legal standards and policies and undertaking disease surveillance and control. Senior Licensed Clinician II is a Job Group N position. Officers receive a monthly salary of Kshs 87,360.

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5. Registered Senior Clinical Officer I – Ksh 121,430

The Senior Chartered Clinician I is the highest post in clinical medicine in Kenya for those with a degree. An officer with this designation can work in level 4 and 5 health facilities in Kenya to lead special programs, such as disease surveillance, quality assurance, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and management integrated childhood diseases.

They also have specific duties and responsibilities, including implementing clinical service policies and leading health management teams. A Registered Senior Clinician I belongs to Job Group P. This entitles him to a monthly salary of Ksh 121,430.

Clinical medicine salary in Kenya
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Source: UGC

Who earns more between a nurse and a clinician?

An entry-level clinical officer earns more than an entry-level registered nurse. This is because entry-level clinical officers belong to job group J, while entry-level registered nurses belong to job group H. While a clinical officer receives Ksh 41,260 per month, nurses receive Ksh 33,950 per month if they are employed by the county government.

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How to become a clinician

You can only become a clinical officer in Kenya if you meet the necessary training requirements. Generally, an officer in Kenya is someone who has achieved the following:

  • Degree in clinical medicine and surgery or equivalent title.
  • Advanced degree in clinical medicine and surgery in any medical discipline.
  • Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and Community Health.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any medical discipline.
  • Master’s degree in any medical discipline.

In addition to the educational requirements from a recognized educational institution, you also need the following documents:

  • Certificate of Registration from the Council of Clinical Officers.
  • Valid Professional Practice License from the Council of Clinical Officers.
  • Certificate in Computer Applications.
  • Any other qualifications approved by the Public Service Commission are also required.

Can the clinician do surgery?

Clinicians in Kenya can perform surgeries depending on their training and skills. But at the entry and training level, the clinician can only operate under the direction of a senior officer. Otherwise, their entry level roles will be reduced to patient history taking, examination, diagnosis, treatment, referral and counseling of patients.

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The clinical medicine salary in Kenya varies according to the rank of an officer. For example, a clinical officer with a degree employed by a county government in Kenya receives a monthly salary of Ksh 41,260 at an entry level position. The highest paid officer is Senior Registered Clinician I, who receives a monthly salary of Ksh 121,430. published an article on KMTC 2022 Online Application: Portal, Requirements, Forms, Deadline. The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is a Kenyan state corporation under the Ministry of Health. The KMTC has a mandate to train various health professionals in the medical sector. KMTC enrollment includes certificate, diploma, and post-basic diploma levels.

The college operates on an academic calendar with two separate semesters beginning in September and January. Like other tertiary institutions in Kenya, one must apply to join the KMTC. Applications are then assessed to determine who is qualified to join the institution.

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