You are currently viewing CivicCon hosted economist John List to discuss the strain effect

CivicCon hosted economist John List to discuss the strain effect

Over the past three decades, John List has studied everything from what influences charitable giving, to the percentage of people who tip their Uber driver, to why men tend to earn higher salaries. higher than women for comparable work.

While he found answers to these questions, he also learned another important lesson: most people will never see the results of his research because they are largely written in what he calls “thrifty”. “, a jargon spoken and understood only by economists.

Still, List thinks his work on the theme of scaling — growing a business, program, or idea while ensuring it remains successful and sustainable — is too important not to reach the masses.

Indeed, when innovative companies succeed, they improve our lives and strengthen our economy. When governments implement good policies and programs, they serve all citizens and often lower our taxes. When a nonprofit helps fill the gaps in one community, it can often help lift other communities.

As List says, “When great ideas evolve, we all win.”

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To help people and organizations know what kinds of ideas will and won’t scale, List wrote a plain language book, “The Voltage Effect,” to help explain the do’s and don’ts. At a CivicCon event in Pensacola on Sunday night, he discussed some key points from the book.

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