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A new attraction in town is about to open.

City officials will hold a grand opening for the JTNY Power House skate park, located at 117 Fairmout Ave., from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Funding for the project was provided by the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation and The Skate Park Project in partnership with Kaboom, Built to Play and the City of Jamestown. The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and SK8 JTNY also collaborated on the project.

After months of construction, the JTNY Power House Skate Park will now offer local residents and visitors a 10,000 square foot skate park attraction. City officials described the skate park as a “welcome convenience” for the community, as well as a “desired destination” for people visiting the area.

The JTNY Power House Skate Park was named after the site of the powerhouse of the Jamestown light rail system.

According to a press release, “The skate park will continue to bring movement, movement and energy to the space.”

The grand opening will also feature food trucks Off the Stick and Foodies Sweet-N-Eeats.

Ellen Shadle, the city’s senior planner, said people attending the event on Saturday can expect a “big party”.

In addition to food trucks, the grand opening will include a skate jam and remarks from local community leaders.

“We have a number of speakers opening with some remarks on the process and the road to this celebration from our city leadership, funders and council leaders to put in a few words on how this process unfolded and how we are finally able to literally tie it with a bow,” Shadle said.

City officials are hosting a grand opening of the JTNY Power House Skate Park on Saturday. PJ Photos by Timothy Frudd

The JTNY Power House Skate Park was designed after the Grindline Skate Park in Seattle. Shadle said the Seattle-based designers’ expertise was especially beneficial because the designers were able to design the skate park with the materials needed for a “cold temperature” skate park better than other designers. Due to the harsh winters in the area, the skate park required special materials to ensure proper maintenance and ensure a sustainable community resource.

Shadle said one of the best things about the new skate park is its size.

“We have a 10,000 square foot skate park,” she says. “In terms of skate park standards, in some ways it’s kind of a benchmark for a ‘destination’ worthy skate park.”

Shadle explained that during the planning process, it was determined that Jamestown “really benefits” of the massive scale of the new skate park.

Due to the size of the skate park, the city, together with the design firm, was able to create a mix of different “appropriate level” balls. Shadle said the skate park layout has been specifically designed to accommodate skaters of all experience levels, while providing a “related” live.

“The bowls are also designed to have connectivity between them, so it’s not like you have to leave the beginner bowl and then re-enter the intermediate bowl,” Shadle said. “They are all connected. An advanced skater can start at the beginner bowl and work their way through each bowl down to the more advanced bowl.

Another design feature that makes the JTNY Power House Skate Park unique is the adjustable wrench located at the top of the skate park. Shadle said the wrench was not just intended as a work of art, but also as a functional part of the skate park that will allow skaters to “put in the bowl.”

The city administration hopes the skate park will have a positive impact on the community. Shadle believes that “worthy destination” skate park will encourage the economic development of the city by attracting visitors to the region. She explained that the skate park will also provide the community with the opportunity to host various skate park events.

“I think the community will take the lead on this,” she says, “So these won’t necessarily be city-sponsored or government-led events, but they will be things that the city will definitely host in terms of community benefits.”

Based on what city officials observed at the skate park, Shadle said she expects a strong turnout for Saturday’s grand opening. She explained that the city’s parks department will have representatives at the event to help direct parking and that the department works to ensure parking signs are clearly visible for the event.

“We want to encourage people to resist the temptation to park as close to the skate park as possible,” she says, “because there will be lots of places within walking distance of McCrea Point Park and other places that will be used for event parking.”

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