City of Gainesville leaders accept 1st vote to nearly double their own salaries

Gainesville city commissioners will soon receive a raise nearly double their current salary, despite opposition from a small group of frequent critics.

In the first of two votes, city officials voted 4-1 on Thursday to approve among themselves a large pay raise that will raise their salaries from $37,000 to around $71,000 in October 2023. The mayor, who wins more for greater responsibilities, would also see an increase of approximately $40,000, from $47,200 to $88,700.

“The city … and the county commission are both listed as part-time jobs, but in reality they are not,” Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut said. “As the commission prepares to move to more subcommittees … the workload will increase. Our workload is no less than that of county commissioners.

Commissioner Desmond Duncan-Walker, the only dissenting vote on Thursday despite his earlier support for the initiative. Commissioners Harvey Ward, who had previously voted against the decision, and Reina Scott were absent.

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