Chinese internet giants like ByteDance and Alibaba launch part-time job boards to cut costs

Since the beginning of the year, many Chinese internet giants such as ByteDance, Meituan and have launched new part-time job platforms in an attempt to further reduce their operating costs. Meanwhile, Alibaba launched a part-time employment platform called “Daraz Flex” overseas, according to a Tech Planet report on Oct. 31.

Internet companies have always engaged in such crowdsourcing and part-time ventures. Large companies can outsource marginal or simple businesses at lower labor costs, which can allow people with free time to earn money, and also help these companies focus their energy and skills. resources on key activities.

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Considering the aforementioned companies, as well as TencentBaidu and Pinduoduo, Chinese internet giants usually have their own part-time crowdsourcing platforms. The main types of work of these companies are labeling, translation, data collection, sharing, auditing and other marginal activities.

For example, on ByteDance’s part-time job platform “Zhujie”, tasks include subtitle translation, dialect dubbing, body data collection, and more. The tasks are divided around the main activity of ByteDance. Claiming each job requires a quote from guild-like associations, so individual users cannot sign up directly for part-time jobs. At present, more than 220,000 people earn money through Zhujie, including freelancers, housewives, students and employees. The monthly income ranges from several hundred to thousands of yuan.

Separately, Tech Planet has learned that ahead of the upcoming Double 11 Shopping Festival, a Chinese e-commerce giant is posting a large number of part-time jobs on major recruitment platforms to share work intensity and quickly complete certain essential tasks. For example, part-time couriers and furniture deliverers can fill the platform’s short-term needs for physical strength and skills during the shopping festival.

A human resources employee at a major Chinese internet company said part-time jobs are becoming a big part of employment in big factories. Many people can complete these jobs, especially some freelancers also have skills that meet the requirements of their part-time job. On the other hand, part-time crowdsourcing has lower labor costs and risks than formal employees. In the current economic environment, part-time crowdsourcing is becoming a new choice for large companies.

According to Chinese media outlet Guangming, traditional odd jobs are becoming popular on internet platforms. According to a report on the development of the country’s sharing economy (2021) published by the Chinese State Information Center, there are nearly 700,000 active freelancers on national platforms, and more than 300 types of flex jobs can be found in over 50 cities across the country. In addition, the policies also support the development of the part-time industry.

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