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Position: Head Orchard
Reports to: The Vicar and Chief Operating Officer

The Orchard Manager will lead a team of Orchards to fulfill the daily logistical, liturgical, worship and event planning duties of the Orchard Office. The ideal candidate will have experience in a liturgical church environment and preferably knowledge of the Episcopal Church. The head of the orchard has a key role in the institution and will be called upon to work not only with the services of the parish, but also with the school of the choir.

This job is full time. Weekend, evening and holiday hours are to be expected.

This exciting but demanding role will suit someone who enjoys liturgy and music, who is interested in maintaining a significant historic church, enjoys working in a team-oriented environment, has the ability to lead a team of qualified and dedicated workers, who possess exceptional organizational skills.

The role requires a high level of organizational skills and proficiency with multiple desktop publishing systems. The role is unique in that there is a high level of administrative work and, at the same time, the Head of the Orchard is expected to have a very public ceremonial role in the liturgy.

Chef Verger will be part of the management team, working closely with the music department, choir school, live music department, facilities management and the communications department in particular. The timely production of service pamphlets, rolls, lists, ceremony guides, and diary management is crucial to the smooth running of the church and choir school. The Chief Orchard will also have the responsibility of managing volunteer groups, particularly the Altar Guild and Acolytes. It is also necessary to train the boy acolytes – the choristers, generally in the 8th grade, whose voice has changed and who no longer sing regularly in the choir. To this end, the post holder must also demonstrate a demonstrable understanding of the protection of children and vulnerable adults; this position requires enhanced background checks.

The head orchard will lead a team of three orchards, including a second orchard who will have specific responsibility for event management, and a part-time laundress. The appointment of the Second Orchard will be one of the first tasks of the appointee. Two other orchards help with the daily needs of the church, including liturgical installation and cleaning of the church, sacristies and Andrew hall. The orchard manager should play an integral role in the team, and also be comfortable delegating tasks and developing the skills of the current orchard team. The Chief Verger is also expected to recruit and train a small number of honorary Vergers to assist with sexton duties and ceremonial duties, such as leading processions.

The Head Orchard must always be on duty on Christmas Day, Easter Day, and Thanksgiving Day, unless specifically excused by the Rector, and holidays are treated as normal working days (if the Head Orchard is required to work on a public holiday, he or she will have a “floating day off”). It is expected that the Head Verger will have Fridays and Saturdays off. Occasional Saturday duties may be required and are compensated appropriately.

Section 1: liturgical
• Preparation and configuration of the service
o Creation, proofreading and printing of weekly service flyers.
o Compilation of altar missals according to the needs of offices.
o Produce materials for services: bookmarks, citations, instructions, set-up checklists, collections and prefaces.
o Furnish chancel and sanctuary seats, stalls, and lecterns with appropriate books, notes, and printouts for services.
o Ensure the altar is set up for Mass if Altar Guild volunteers are not available.
o See to the good order of the altars and chapels of the Church.
o Supervise the church lighting control interface when needed.
o Liaise with sound and video engineers.
• Ceremonial
o Precede the Rector in procession, or the Sacred Ministers during a high mass.
o Participate in processions as Orchard, Crucifer or Thurifer if needed.
o Assist in the administration of Holy Communion.
o Act as an acolyte for weekday and Sunday services when needed.
o With the rector or another priest, conduct clergy rehearsals, especially for Holy Week.
o Lead the Sunday morning acolyte rehearsal or delegate the task to the Second Verger.
o Assist the priest in conducting wedding rehearsals.

Section 2: Sacristy
• Supervise the work of the Altar Guild.
• Supervise alterations to altar hangings.
• Ordering sacristy supplies: candles, hosts, wine, incense, etc.
• Maintaining church linens and clothing and arranging for necessary repairs.
• Ensure linen is clean and washed.

Section 3: Administration
• Supervise the Orchard team by assigning daily and weekly tasks.
• Monitor the worship budget and liaise with the finance department.
• Create invoices for pastoral liturgy (weddings and funerals)
• Inform the director of human resources of the monthly fees for honorary assistant priests and the fees of musicians.
• Liaise with the Readers’ Guild.
• Attend weekly calendar meeting.
• Archival research for baptismal, marriage or funeral records.

Section 4: Administration and communications
• Supervision of church calendars, delegating necessary functions to the Second Orchard.
• Work with Second Verger, the Rector’s assistant and the priest in charge of the production of the monthly liturgical calendar and the rotation of the clergy.
• Attend weekly clergy meeting to discuss liturgical matters, unless delegated to the Second Orchard.
• Ensure that weekly exterior signage is correct and complete.
• Liaise with the communications department to ensure that enough printed materials, prayer cards, sermons, etc. are available. are available in the Church and the Narthex.
• Assist the senior management team.
• In the absence of the Second Orchard, liaise with the Department of Music and the Department of Concerts in the necessary preparation of services and concerts.
• Assist in posting appropriate material, as needed, on the Diocesan website.
• Ensure that parish registers are kept up to date.
• Production of baptism and confirmation cards.
• Responsible for the columbarium, liaising with funeral homes and families.
• Provide information for parish registers required by the diocese and directory.

Other responsibilities:
• Coordinate with Security and Orchards for disabled entry requirements.
• Liaise with Church Security Team and Head of Security, especially during worship and events.
• Understand how the fire detection system works.
• To carry out the reasonable instructions of the rector or vicar which may from time to time be given to the Department of Orchards.

• Experience in carrying out the logistics, preparation and ceremony of religious services in a liturgical, traditional or “high church” environment (Episcopal, Anglican, Roman Catholic, etc.).
• Previous experience in more than one of the following areas:
o Cutting-edge experience, either professionally or as a volunteer.
o Experience as an acolyte, sexton, church musician, eucharistic minister or comparable.
• Mastery of technology and computer skills with a strong documentary orientation:
o Microsoft Office skills (Outlook, Word and Excel are essential).
o Must be able to demonstrate basic understanding and use of website content management system, or ability to be trained in such system.
• Strong organizational skills with attention to detail.
• Strong writing and communication skills.
• Basic understanding of church principles and liturgy.
• Should work weekends, including most Sundays, some evenings and many statutory holidays (eg Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter Day).

• College degree preferred.
• A member of a Christian church in good standing, essential.
• Communicating member of The Episcopal Church preferred, but not required.
• Experience with organizational calendars and scheduling preferred.
• Proficiency in desktop publishing tools (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, etc.) useful.
• Archival or museum experience useful.

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