You are currently viewing Charlie Baker “has the audacity to take a lap of honor” in front of high school students who enlist in the army

Charlie Baker “has the audacity to take a lap of honor” in front of high school students who enlist in the army

Talk about a disappointment. Would you like to be 18, about to graduate from high school. You enlist in the army, and so a ceremony is planned at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro – “Our Community Salutes”.

It’s a beautiful event, a thoughtful recognition of your upcoming service. So someone of some importance, a figure of stature in the community, needs to talk to you and your comrades.

The event took place yesterday afternoon, and can you imagine how many high school graduates must have felt when they realized who was going to address them?

Governor Charlie Baker, the talkative idiot who single-handedly destroyed at least half of their high school years with his nonsensical dictates, ending schoolboy athletics, closing schools, gymnasiums, churches, etc.

He’s the same swaggering jester who may have cost their parents their livelihoods and businesses, who forbade their families to say goodbye to dying relatives, who happily fired anyone who refused to take a vaccine who , ultimately, was not terribly effective and/or b) hazardous to health.

And now Charlie Baker has the audacity to do…a victory lap?

You are laughing at me ?

He’s the idiot Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker,” the clueless clown that insurgent Sen. Ed Markey identified as “Gov. Bacon.”

A new poll came out this week claiming, once again, that Bacon is the most popular governor in the United States. Among whom, I would ask again. If he’s so unbeatable, how come he didn’t run for office?

The reason is simple. Baker-Parker-Bacon wasn’t even going to make it to the general election. Before turning around and running, in a poll he was down 32 points among likely Republican voters in the state, 57-25.

Until the very end, Parker somehow thought he could rise above his horribly abysmal record as the worst governor in Massachusetts history.

He and his lieutenant governor, Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito, were still touching everything but the third rail until hours before they surrendered unconditionally.

It was December 1st. Even now, over five months later, some of their brands, I mean contributors, are still demanding refunds.

According to the latest documents filed with the state Office of Campaigns and Political Finance (OCPF), last month Polito had to repay $4,200 to six contributors from whom it had recovered money in the past few days. . Parker refunded $1,750 to three of the same victims who had also requested refunds from Pay to Play.

Meanwhile, in recent days, Parker and Pay to Play continue to deliver for their fellow hacks. They say nothing as the legislature imposes, among other things, driver’s licenses for illegal alien criminals as well as pay raises for already obscenely overpaid patriots in courthouses.

Meet John Pappas, who has had his muzzle buried in the public watering hole for the past 28 years. His job has always been in the Suffolk County prosecutor’s office, which did not prosecute Baker’s son when he was pulled from a JetBlue airliner after a young woman accused him of the having groped.

The district attorney at the time was Dan Conley, who referred the Baker case to federal authorities. The G-men have given him a strong start on his own ever since, and Conley soon quit to become a highly successful lobbyist. (Golf courses, which Conley was hired to represent, were allowed to reopen by Charlie Parker even though mini-golf remained closed because… science.)

Parker picked Pappas as acting DA in 2018, a year after he first contributed $250 to Pay to Play, and months before he handed another $250 to him. But that was nothing compared to what Pappas gave his boss Conley – $2,350.

That seems like a lot, except when compared to being a judge, which Parker nominated Pappas to the Superior Court for on April 6.

Judges’ salaries were then $184,694 a year for what amounts to a part-time job even when courthouses are open, which they have hardly been in more than two years, since the beginning panic.

But now the legislature is raising the pay of these worthless, greed-ridden, idle judges to $207,855 a year. Pretty good, considering that roughly 98% of all Massachusetts judges would starve to death if they didn’t make the right contributions to the right hacks.

By the way, Pappas, who earned $140,000 a year, took no risks until he got the job of ultimate judge. He had just had a new boss, Kevin Hayden, and as had been his habit all those years in the hackerama, Pappas wrote Hayden a check for $500 – six days before Parker gave him early retirement.

All of these no-change Parker hacks are multimillion-dollar, or will be — and all without breaking a sweat.

Take Kathleen Theoharides, Charlie Parker’s energy and environment secretary. She is known as “Climate Katie” for her crackpot green policies. She was the one who employed a drifter named Dave Ismay who lost his job after he spilled the beans on the real goals of state energy policies – to “turn the screw” on workers and “break their will” by taxing them back to the Stone Age.

With the help of Charlie’s hero, Dementia Joe Biden, it’s almost mission accomplished. Diesel costs over six dollars a gallon, as does heating oil.

Climate Katie was earning just $178,159 a year in her taxpayer-funded jihad to beg the working classes, so now she’s checking it out.

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