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Photo submitted John Wolf, transportation and facilities manager at the Columbiana County Council of the Council for Developmental Disabilities, started with CCBDD in 2002.

When John Wolf made what he thought was a normal call for duty 21 years ago, he had no idea how his working life was about to change.

“At that time, I owned my own electrical service business, and the Columbiana County Council of Developmental Disabilities Council was one of my clients. While on this service call, I learned that they were looking to hire a full-time person as a maintenance/repair worker,” Wolf remembered. “This type of position interested me. I applied and they hired me. It was in March 2002.

As Wolf’s success in this initial position grew and grew, other duties were added to his position. In 2011, he was promoted to Buildings and Grounds Supervisor and in 2018 moved to his current role as Director of Transportation and Facilities for CCBDD.

In this role, Wolf, a 1975 graduate of David Anderson High School in Lisbon, is responsible for maintaining the council’s fleet of 30 vehicles and overseeing all maintenance at their six facilities, covering more than 84,000 square feet throughout Columbiana County.

“I have a full-time janitor and four full-time caretakers. I also have two part-time guards to work in the buildings,” Note Wolf. “We also have 12 bus drivers and assistants, who are hired through the Allegiant Service Center. Allegiant maintains our seven buses, one van and 22 cars. My job is to make sure everything goes well. »

“John’s wealth of experience and professional background definitely prepared him for this role,” said CCBDD Superintendent Bill Devon. “He is very well connected in the local community. Whenever we have an installation problem, he immediately knows how to solve the problem or who to call who can solve the problem. Although his title may be that of manager, he will not hesitate to get personally involved in solving the problem. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. »

As with any school transportation director, when there’s a threat of bad weather, it’s not uncommon for Wolf to be out on the roads at four in the morning checking the routes.

As Wolf’s work grew and grew, he earned operating certificates in Pesticides, Fire Alarm, Level 2 Building Operations, as well as Class A from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency as a water and sewer operation. He also earned the Certified Playground Safety Inspector certification.

Wolf revealed what the biggest challenge of his job was, saying: “Since the pandemic, the supply chain has been an issue for our vehicles and our facilities. Obtaining parts for vehicles has become a real challenge. In the past, it was normal to call a supplier and pick up the part or have it shipped in a timely manner. These days the supplier may not have the part and I spend hours searching the internet for the part. »

“In terms of building materials, we now order more than one particular item at a time, than we did in the past,” said Wolf. “It’s always worried that you can’t get it next time, and you don’t want to run out of a particular product when you need it.”

Devon appreciates Wolf’s knowledge of the community and his willingness to serve others.

“John has a wide range of connections,” said the superintendent. “He’s very well known. John is a longtime resident and has been a member of the Columbiana County Fair Board for over 20 years. He cares about his community and he cares about our customers.

Asked how much satisfaction he derives from his position, Wolf quickly replied, “It is a pleasure to help people with intellectual disabilities. When you think you’re having a bad day, just take a look at what they and their families encounter day in and day out. Working here definitely changes your outlook on life. I feel very blessed.

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