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Candidates vie for Districts 2, 3 for Macomb County Board of Commissioners – Macomb Daily

The four District 2 candidates and three District 3 Republicans for the Macomb County Board of Commissioners will contest Tuesday’s primary to represent their political party in the November general election.

Two Democrats and two Republicans will face off in November to represent District 2, which includes the townships of Chesterfield and Lenox, New Baltimore and the village of New Haven.

Meanwhile, three GOP candidates are vying for the chance to face Democrat Ken Reid for District 3, which includes most of Shelby Township and Utica, in November.

The 13 commissioners work part-time and earn $35,701 per year.

Each candidate had to answer two questions:

1. What is your main problem or problem that is not solved?

2. Why should voters choose you over your opponents?


Republicans (2)

Name Age: Phil Kraft36

Phil Kraft

Family: Wife, Pam

Current and/or Past Elected Offices Held: County Commissioner, 2017–Present

Occupation: Legislative Assistant to State Representative Pamela Hornberger, 2017 – present; Macomb County Community Mental Health Board Member, 2017-Present; Chairman of the Board 2021 – present; Constituent Services Representative for Congresswoman Candice Miller, 2011 – 2016.

Education/Graduation: Bachelor of Arts/Political Science, Saginaw Valley State University, 2009

— Improving aging and inadequate infrastructure, underground and overhead, is the main issue. Macomb County has made great strides in improving roads, bridges and water infrastructure over the past six years without raising taxes. Continued strategic investments will allow taxpayers to enjoy the benefits without additional burden.

— Experience matters. I have lived and worked in Chesterfield for 35 years and am deeply connected by my family and professional networks as well as my community involvement. Having spent my career in public service at all levels of government, I have the knowledge and contacts to help residents resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Last name: Walter Sierengowski55

Family: wife, 5 children

Current and/or past elected offices held: Pastor, no elected office previously.

Profession(s)/job(s), current and past: Pastor, Clerk in the automotive industry

Education/diploma: Associates – Marketing; Bachelor’s degree – Business Management; BA/MA – Divinity, Pastoral, Christian Counseling

— Corruption and pollution. The rhinos and the left must be stopped from destroying our country, electoral fraud, deals with countries like Canada that dump pollution into our waterways. All of this will stop.

— 100% honesty, transparency, names and facts. We’ll make Michigan better, one county at a time.

Democrats (2)

Last name: Kurt S. Kramer67

Family: Spouse: Dr. Arestova; son, MJ Kramer; the girl

Current and/or Past Elected Offices: Macomb County Commissioner, Oakland County Commissioner

Occupation(s)/job(s), current and past: Retired, Disabled Sr NCO Army & AF Veteran (29); IT Systems Administrator (15 years); Auto/Truck/Bus Master Technician (15 years); Driver, Marketing Tours (10 years)

Education/Graduation: Bachelor’s degree: Automotive Management/Minor in Business; Associate Degree: Automotive Technology.

— For Macomb County to “live within its means,” not overspend and reduce taxes. Also, to try to keep Macomb County from being the laughing stock of the area because of the “p-ing contest” between the county executive and the county attorney.

— Because my career has exposed me to many different cultures of the world. Also, I’m the only person who’s been both commissioner of Oakland and Macomb. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that will bring a different perspective to the decision of this commission.

Michelle Merriwether did not return a questionnaire.


Republicans (3)

Last name: Jeff Farrington56

Family: Wife, Diana; two sons, two grandchildren

Current and/or previous elective offices held: Current County Commissioner (1st term); State representative (3 terms/6 years) 2011-2016

Jeff Farrington
Jeff Farrington

Profession(s)/job(s), current and past: Area President, FocusCFO 2018-present; Chief Operating Officer, Gordon Advisors, 2017-2018; State Representative, 2011-2016; President and Founder, Dynamic Recruiters 2004-2011; Vice President, Kforce 1993-2004

Education/diploma: Master of Science in Management and Bachelor of Business Administration, Walsh College

— Control of the county’s ever-increasing budget.

— Experience and leadership. I have been a successful leader in business as well as at the state government level, winning a multitude of awards for my performance. It’s about getting results for those we serve. Politicians get elected, servant leaders get results.

Last name: Grant G. Golasa

Grant Golasa
Grant Golasa

Profession(s)/job(s), current and past: Mechanical engineer

Education/Graduation: BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University

– Return government to the people by removing special interest groups and corrupt organizations from receiving government contracts.

— For two simple reasons: (1) I am not an opportunist who was mandated by the Michigan State Legislature. (2) I have not been mandated to run for this position by my spouse.

Sylvia Cave did not return a questionnaire.

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