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Candidate Profile: Starks wants to make White County government ‘more conservative’ | News

Donald Starks feels that changes ‘need to be made’ in government from the local to the national level ‘because I think it’s really a mess’ so he’s running for district 12 justice of the peace in order to be part of that effort.

“I’m very politically involved,” Starks said. “I’m part of a group called Freedom Fighters here in White County. We find the right candidates to make the changes that are needed… . I’m a very conservative person and I’m trying to move government from local to national and I’m trying to be effective in all of that.

“I think JP is a good place for me. I have corporate experience. I have military experience. I’m very concerned, active for the community.

Starks is challenging incumbent Joel Pritchett for his spot on White County Quorum Court in Tuesday’s Republican primary. He says he has time to be a justice of the peace since he works part-time.

Starks hails from Michigan, was born in Flint and raised in suburban Detroit. Starks, 66, graduated from high school in 1974 and joined the Navy, spending a total of six years on active duty, mostly in the Philippines, then spent 14 years in the Arkansas reserves.

When asked what brought him to Arkansas, Starks replied “Harding University”. He said he started going to school there before dropping out after a while to work. He then returned to earn his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Harding. He said he “was 31, I think, when I got him”.

“I want to bring change to local government, more conservative Christian values ​​based on that,” he said, “and I have that business background, so I think I’m a qualified candidate for the job. “

Starks said he “worked for AT&T for 19 years and I retired from AT&T. I was in store retail. I was a manager at one point. I also got this reserve retirement, so I have two retirements, so I am retired.

This allows him and his wife of 43 years, Debbie, to spend time with the nine grandchildren of their three children.

“Eight of them live here and one lives in Fayetteville,” Starks said. “My son graduated from the University of Arkansas and stayed there and got married. My other two children are here in town. I am an active member of Fellowship Bible Church. My son is actually the worship director there, the worship leader. Most of my time is spent with family. I love spending time with them and the grandchildren, so most of my extra time is with that.

However, much of his time is currently spent destroying a fire at his residence.

“It destroyed the whole interior. The fire damage is extensive,” Starks said. “We live in a rental house, my wife and I, trying to make it all a near full-time job. We actually escaped through the bedroom window in the middle of the night. We’re fine so that’s fine.

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