You are currently viewing Canadian University in Dubai is the first private university in the United Arab Emirates to partner with Coursera to prepare students for in-demand jobs

Canadian University in Dubai is the first private university in the United Arab Emirates to partner with Coursera to prepare students for in-demand jobs

Designed to give students a competitive edge in the rapidly changing digital work environment, the collaboration will provide students with the opportunity to learn cutting-edge skills, including entrepreneurial, digital and technology skills, earn professional certificates from the world’s leading companies, access hands-on learning with guided projects to master skills and stand out to employers, and explore the right career path.

Professor Karim Chelli, President and Vice-Chancellor of CUD, said: “We are delighted to embark on this partnership with Coursera to provide new opportunities for our graduates to stand out in the job market. Students will now have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized professional certifications at no additional cost in their final year of study. Combining these practical qualifications with a world-class degree will give CUD graduates a head start when exploring employment and career development opportunities.

Kais Zribi, Managing Director for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey at Coursera, said: “We are honored to partner with one of the leading universities in the United Arab Emirates who share our goal of supporting the country in its ambition to build a digital economy led by an equipped and skilled workforce.Canadian University Dubai has set a benchmark in the league of world-class institutions with its progressive approach to delivering an education high quality, and together we will unlock learning opportunities that would enable the country’s next generation of talent to thrive in the competitive global work kingdom.”

Learners enrolled in Coursera’s Career Academy will be able to earn entry-level professional certificates from industry leaders including Google, IBM and Meta to prepare for 18 in-demand careers such as Data Analyst, UX Designer, Application Developer and Social Media. Marketer, among others. Participants have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, fully online on web and mobile, and can also explore different career paths with an overview of common job titles, required skills and salary information.

Additionally, Coursera’s Career Academy will allow students to gain real-world experience with guided projects to develop key skills in less than 2 hours. For example, a budding data analyst can practice SQL, Python, and Tableau, while UX designers can create projects using Figma and Adobe Creative Cloud. Through hands-on learning and interactive assessments, students will be able to apply essential skills working with real industry tools to help them stand out to employers in interviews and on the job.

The Coursera-Canadian University Dubai partnership is the latest step in Coursera’s rapid growth in the Middle East and North Africa. Since June 2022, Coursera has supported the skills development of 681,000 learners in the United Arab Emirates and over 6.2 million learners in the Middle East and North Africa. This total includes more than 320,000 new Coursera learners enrolled in the region in the second quarter of 2022.

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