Brown County Sheriff retires after 48 years in law enforcement

Mark Milbrandt began his law enforcement career as a part-time correctional officer, but rose through the ranks over the years, eventually earning voter approval as sheriff in 1994.

Looking back, Milbrandt said he pursued this career field with the eventual goal of being a sheriff. When he was hired as a correctional officer in 1979, Milbrandt said, he was simply looking for a part-time job and found he liked the field and stayed there. And, over the years, different promotion opportunities have become available from Deputy, Investigator to Chief Deputy, and ultimately Sheriff candidate.

Milbrandt spoke to the American News earlier this month. With just weeks to go until his term in the Brown County Sheriff’s Office ends, it’s clear he takes pride in the family atmosphere in his office. Its employees can both joke when it’s appropriate and get down when it’s time to get serious.

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