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BetterPlace launches upskilling and discovery platform for gig workers

Bengaluru-based HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) Platform for Workforce Management Best place launched its on-demand or part-time worker development platform, Rocket, in six cities.

The platform was piloted in Bangalore and Mumbai in March 2022 and has nearly 50,000 users so far. The platform offers over 50 different courses and caters to professional roles in logistics, e-commerce, retail and workshop, BFSI customer service as well as entry-level sales roles that require feet in the the street.

According to BetterPlace Group co-founder and CEO Pravin Agarwala, the platform aims to create a pool of job seekers 10 times larger than the employer is looking for, through online training and upskilling.

“Resource requirements are increasing in all sectors and in all positions. We’ve identified that everyone draws from the same available pool so they don’t have to bear the cost of upgrading skills. The resource pool is shrinking,” said Pravin Agarwala Your story.

He added: “From the perspective of an individual, working as a delivery person or security guard, nothing has changed for him after working for five to ten years. At Rocket, they can upgrade by improving themselves,” he adds.

The platform does not currently charge job seekers any fees, although the company may charge subscription fees in the future, Pravin says.

The Rocket platform is designed for gig worker preparation and discovery, including job suggestions. Rocket is designed to mimic video streaming platforms to make it intuitive, including features like “most watched” and others. The platform claims to offer content in over 35 languages.

The platform currently works with a handful of employers, including online meat retailer, Licious.

“We work with employers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to design courses as part of Rocket,” says Pravin.

He added that the platform was also used by brands such as beauty product companies, paint companies, etc. to train freelancers and the existing workforce in the use of their latest products. Usually done through offline courses, the process is costly and Rocket as a platform helps these clients reach workers by offering online courses for the same.

Rocket solves the problem of identifying and training the right resource. While BetterPlace’s flagship HRMS already works with companies, from onboarding candidates to offboarding, Rocket enables these companies to identify, develop and onboard gig workers. Employers are charged a fee per person per month, based on the resources they have hired.

Founded in 2015 as an identity verification platform for blue-collar workers by Pravin and Saurabh Tandan, BetterPlace has raised over $40 million across multiple funding rounds since its inception. The company last raised $24 million in a Series C funding round led by Jungle Ventures and CX Partners in September 2021.

BetterPlace has also made four acquisitions since 2021 to strengthen its portfolio of offerings, with training platform Oust Labs, blue and gray collar staffing and recruitment services provider OLX People, on-demand work platform OkayGo and the no-code workflow building platform, EzeDox.

Some of these acquisitions such as the Oust Labs training platform as well as the OLX People and OkayGo platforms are connected to its offer with Rocket. “Going forward, we also plan to add a layer of financial services and products for job seekers to Rocket, either organically or inorganically,” Pravin added.

In the development and hiring service for blue and gray collar workers, BetterPlace competes with Apna Jobs, which was valued at over $1 billion as of September 2021 with funding from Tiger Global and others.

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