You are currently viewing Best Places to Work in Southern Vermont: Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities Needs Energetic Employees Passionate About Transforming Children’s Lives |  Company

Best Places to Work in Southern Vermont: Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities Needs Energetic Employees Passionate About Transforming Children’s Lives | Company

These are not all careers where an employee transforms children’s lives. And not every workplace feels like a home.

The Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities, in Keene, NH, fosters a welcoming atmosphere that puts children first.

Helping children enjoy their best life

The mission is to help children with disabilities live normal lives through the use of technology and programs aimed at physical and mental development. The staff takes the kids on field trips, like going to a baseball game. Closer to home, employees and children explore nature at Cedarcrest.

Employees thrive as children grow and achieve their goals. The center’s administrative, medical and educational employees join forces to transform lives.

“The children all have personal goals they are working towards and the staff help them progress as best they can. I like the effort aspect and I admire the perseverance that everyone shows. It is an enriching experience to work at Cedarcrest, on many levels. There are also opportunities to have fun while working,” said Patty Farmer, Director of Development and Communications.

“I love working at Cedarcrest. The work I do is difficult, but satisfying. I feel like I contribute to the general well-being of the children, even if I don’t take care of them directly. The staff is very committed to making sure the kids have fun and have all kinds of opportunities,” Farmer said.

work culture

On 5 acres, Cedarcrest provides a comfortable environment for children and employees, said human resources director Erin Dallas-Patch.

“Cedarcrest is unlike any other place you can work; for many employees, it’s like a home.

It takes a special person to succeed at Cedarcrest. According to Dallas-Patch, “An ideal employee is patient, knowledgeable, loves children, and wants to see children succeed.”

growth and development

For the right person, Cedarcrest provides education and training opportunities that lead an employee to develop and grow with the center.

“We have had many staff members who started here as orderlies, then became LNAs, then RPNs/RNs. Our current Director of Nursing started here as an LNA/RN/nurse nurse manager,” Dallas-Patch said.

Employee experience

Cedarcrest attracts high school and college students, as well as professionals who have stayed there for 5 to 20 years.

Mary Hatch, teacher and licensed practical nurse, developed her career at Cedarcrest.

“Cedarcrest fosters a unique, warm and positive work environment and work culture. Everyone who works here is driven by the same desire to do what’s best for the children who live here. … Staff members become more than just colleagues. They become people with whom you develop a deep respect. People you can look up to and people you can trust.

And as extra encouragement, field trips provide fun for children and staff alike.

“Watching a child’s face light up as they hold a baby goat for the first time, or listening to their squeals of joy as they swim in the pool is the most rewarding feeling,” Hatch said.


Cedarcrest has part-time positions with benefits – a daily meal, tuition reimbursement, a wellness program, staff development and a retirement plan.

Full-time employees receive all of the above benefits, plus medical, dental, life insurance and a benefits package.

Cedarcrest hires a full-time licensed practical nurse, a part-time respiratory therapist, a part-time food technician and part-time health care aides. Go to Click on Careers and apply online.

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