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Avita Jobs Spotlighted During In-Demand Jobs Week

On the one hand, Ohio has students and job seekers considering new careers; and on the other hand, it has jobs, industries and skills that are in demand. In-Demand Jobs Week, which ends on Friday, is one way to help build a bridge between the two.

“We promote jobs that require short-term training or degrees where individuals can start earning $50,000 a year fairly quickly over the course of their careers,” said Theresa Alt, director of Area 10 Workforce Development. Board.

In Crawford County, many of those jobs are with Avita Health System, added Angela Neef, supervisor for OhioMeansJobs-Crawford County.

“We currently have training funds that we can use to help people get the skills they need for these in-demand jobs,” she said.

Avita has over 300 job descriptions

Jenny Reed is part of Avita’s Human Resources team, as Head of Recruitment and Engagement. She said it’s essential to let people know about jobs that are in demand.

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