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At Walmart, there’s a path for everyone

At Walmart, we sincerely believe that there is a pathway of opportunity for everyone. Our philosophy on job access and advancement is clear: we believe that hiring and promotions should be based on a set of skills, experiences and attributes, whether acquired on on the job, through military and voluntary service, or diplomas and certificates.

Work at Walmart offers everyone a way to unleash their potential, pursue their careers with a purpose and enjoy the great advantages and the wages that come with the job. We offer opportunities at any stage of your career. Whether it’s your first job, your next step, or your second career, there’s a place for you here.

Part-time high school positions

Walmart Associates can gain critical, forward-looking abilities while working at Walmart. High school students have access to part-time jobs and roles that can be the first step to a long and rewarding career at Walmart. Approximately 75% of our salaried employees in store, club and supply chain management in the United States began their careers in hourly paid positions.

Gain retail experience while in college

Our home office (business) internship program is expected to grow nearly 30% year-over-year. Undergraduate and master’s students come from across the country to learn and build careers in areas such as supply chain, finance, technology, commodities, and human resources. Projects are designed to align with specific skills and interests, allowing interns to have an impact on the business, our customers, our members and our associates. Interns can also connect with senior executives and build relationships. The goal is for the majority of these interns to transition into full-time positions at Walmart upon graduation.

First career after college

This summer, we are piloting a new College2Career Program which gives young professionals the opportunity to kick-start their careers by helping run a multi-million dollar business: one of our Walmart stores. The program is for recent college graduates and current students within 12 months of graduation, including Walmart associates.

Participants undergo a comprehensive blend of classroom training, hands-on experience, and one-on-one mentorship with business leaders as they learn the ins and outs of Walmart and train to become a salaried member of Walmart management. a local store. Upon completion of the program, top performers are offered the newly created management position of Emerging Coach – with a starting salary of at least $65,000 per year. College students will be able to enter the role upon graduation, while recent graduates will start immediately.

This is just the beginning. We view the Emerging Coach role as an additional pipeline to develop high-potential talent into future Store Managers, the latter role with an average salary of approximately $210,000 in 2021. With College2Career, we aim to develop Coaches emerging to store managers within two years. .

Gateways from frontline roles to home office roles

In March, we launched our new Home office journey experience program, which connects frontline associates currently pursuing an academic education with in-demand roles, in areas such as cybersecurity or merchandising, in our campus offices. The eight-week program helps associates expand their networks, develop new skills or enhance existing skills, and better understand the support functions of the business. Participants are eligible for a full-time office position after completing and performing well in the program and after graduating from four years.

Develop your sales skills at work at any stage

We have established one of the largest private employer training programs in the country, building in-house skills capacity that allows us to train at scale. Walmart Academy combines technology, classroom training, and salesroom learning to teach on-the-job skills and leadership fundamentals. With more than 200 Walmart Academies nationwide for store, supply chain and transportation associates, we train associates for the job of today and prepare them for the careers of tomorrow.

Additionally, we continue to be excited about associates choosing to further their retail knowledge while working on the front lines and gaining other skills and training through our Live Better U training program, which is 100% paid by Walmart.

Second career opportunities

Since 2013, we’ve hired more than 400,000 veterans and military spouses. Last year, Walmart launched the free service find a future site to help veterans and military spouses take the next step in their journey and achieve their goals. The program offers paths of experience, education and entrepreneurship: whether it’s starting a new career at Walmart or starting a business to sell at Walmart, Find-a-Future provides valuable tools to move on to a second career. More than 300,000 veterans and military spouses have engaged with the Find-a-Future site since it launched last summer.

There are many ways to create your journey at Walmart, and we love supporting you along the way! This week, our stores are celebrating their annual “Associate Promotions” week by recognizing and praising Associates for all they do, including promoting select Associates to new roles in their career path. No matter what stage an Associate is at in their career, there is a path of opportunity at Walmart to learn and grow. Now is the time to Join us!

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