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Ariela’s job questioned after her savings are revealed

90 Day Fiancé Ariela Weinberg’s parents want her and Biniyam Shibre to be financially responsible. But she has little savings and fans wonder why.

fans of the 90 day fiance The franchise is curious about Ariela Weinberg’s work and income after revealing how much money she and Biniyam Shibre have in savings. Ariela, 31, became a household name after her trip to Ethiopia in 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Ariela, a resident of Princeton, New Jersey, was pregnant and starting a new life with Biniyam, 32, in her home country. Seeing the deplorable conditions in which Biniyam lived, Ariela’s nurse mother, Janice, and doctor father, Fred, worried about how she would spend the rest of her life in Addis Ababa with a new baby. Luckily for them, Ariela moved to America with Biniyam and her son Aviel in 90 day fiance season 9.


Franchise stars Ariela and Biniyam’s first meeting was straight out of a romance novel as they passed each other while she was waiting for a cab. Three months later, Ariela was pregnant with Biniyam’s baby and it completely changed her life. Ariela and Biniyam’s relationship has since had its ups and downs revolving around their trust issues and cultural differences. With Ariela’s ex-husband, Leandro Fosque, now irrelevant, and Biniyam far from his friends in Addis Ababa who were a bad influence, their latest challenge is to navigate family life in the United States. United. But the only thing stopping them is, unfortunately, money. After making the necessary payments for Ariela and Biniyam’s new apartment in America, including a security deposit, down payment and first month’s rent, Fred and Janice asked the couple to cover future expenses.

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In 90 day fiance episode 5, Ariela worries she won’t be able to afford the expensive new apartment. She reveals, “Bini and I only got a couple thousand to last in the USAccording to Ariela, the immigration process was expensive, as was moving countries. However, fans such as Reddit user u/_sh*tc*nt questioned how Ariela could afford her cosmetic procedures when she complained about paying rent. TLC viewer u/IDontKnowFIt suggested Ariela needed to get off her high horse.”There’s nothing wrong with taking a job you feel overqualified for.“, they added. Before moving to Ethiopia, Ariela worked part-time in her father’s cardiology practice and was a freelance writer.

Ariela Weinberg-Mom Janice-Birthday-90 Day Fiance

As for Ariela’s cosmetic treatments, chances are she traded them in for collaborating with the beauticians for posts or social media stories. But other than that, being a reality TV star is a job and Ariela does indeed earn quite well by showcasing her relationship issues with Biniyam on TLC. There’s also Cameo and other brand partnerships that Ariela promotes on Instagram. Recently, she became a partner of an Ethiopian travel agency, called Simen Land Tours. However, Ariela has been accused of forcing her parents to fund her adventurous lifestyle. It seems that Ariela’s parents also agreed to finance Ariela and Biniyam until this particular episode of 90 day fiance.

Considering Biniyam is also starting his career as an MMA fighter and online fitness trainer after moving to the United States, the financial struggles may soon be over for him and Ari. Janice and Fred paid the rent for Ariela’s house in Addis and possibly paid her living expenses with Avi’s nanny. But if Ariela hustled and earned an income after becoming a TV star, fans are also wondering what happened to her. From now on, Ariela seems increasingly ungrateful to expect more and take advantage of her parents while trying to save her own money. 90 day fiance fans will now have to keep watching to see if it’s the money that’s causing more problems in his relationship with Bini.

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