Area school districts are suffering from a shortage of bus drivers

School buses line up outside Wooster High School to transport students home.

Many school districts in Ohio continue to struggle to find enough bus drivers and are having to change routes to deal with the shortage.

In the local school district of West Holmes, transportation supervisor Coreena Johnson was forced to abandon a bus route, which no longer had a driver. The students were dispersed into three different buses.

“It mostly affected the high school/college route,” Johnson said. “Elementary students were transferred to a bus, and high school and college students were distributed in three buses.”

Wooster City Schools OK…for now

Transportation Supervisor Laurie Sizemore of Wooster City Schools said she is fully booked at this time. She will soon be able to add a route that had been absorbed for lack of drivers.

Laurie Sizenore stands in front of a long line of school buses in the town of Wooster.

Sizemore said she has three on-field visit backups who can fill in when needed but are worried about the future.

“Wooster City Schools is fortunate to have two contractors who come in to work every day,” she said. “But we don’t have anyone waiting in the wings. When I lose people who will be retiring this summer, right now I don’t have anyone to replace them.”

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