Are you considering a seasonal job during the holidays? It could be good for your future

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This is the most wonderful time of the year for many businesses which will see their business increase due to the holiday rush. According to Statista, consumers spend an estimated $755 billion to $767 billion in November and December — and the rise means seasonal workers are helping to cope with the overflow.

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According to Barron’s, retailers are struggling to find the workforce they need to get through this holiday season, which makes these side gigs fairly easy to find. Accepting a seasonal job also has great advantages. For example, the fact that it is for a limited time means that you are not committing to a heavy workload over a long period of time. Additionally, it could help you increase your vacation spending budget or pay your bills, which is important given that 44% of Americans have one to make ends meet, CNBC said.

If you like the pace and have some extra income, there’s always a chance it will turn into a more established part-time job. If an employer notices that they could use the aid in the future, they might offer you a more permanent opportunity. After all, it’s easier for them to extend the position to someone who’s already doing the job than to go through the rigorous hiring and training process again.

Seasonal jobs are great for adding to your resume and rounding out your skills in a short amount of time. If you’ve never worked in retail before, you might learn about sales targets, teamwork, and customer engagement, all of which are tangible things you can add to your resume. . Plus, the people you meet along the way can open up new opportunities. Networking is always a great way to boost a career, and having a seasonal job can help strengthen your professional community.

According to FlexJobs, some other benefits of a seasonal job include the chance to try a new career (maybe you’ll even like it better than your usual full-time job!) and also the flexible schedule it allows. . If you only have time to give during nights and weekends, that’s usually when retailers need the most help during the busy holiday season. And if you work at a store where you normally shop, the discounts alone might be worth it.

Plus, here are some of the best seasonal jobs hiring this holiday — and what they pay on average, according to The Motley Fool:

  1. Santa Claus Shopping Center ($22/hour) – If you watch the part or can pull it off with a fake beard, it’s a great gig that’s sure to bring joy.

  2. Retail cashier ($12/hour) – Department stores, boutiques and grocery stores need help in this area, so these positions will likely be in high demand.

  3. Gift wrap ($17/hour) – Once shoppers check off their listing, who has time to spruce them up? This is where gift wrapping comes in to add the perfect finishing touch.

  4. Personal buyer ($18/hour) – Americans lead busy lives and not everyone can spend hours shopping, in-store or even online. Personal shoppers help fill that gap and usually have a lot of fun buying things with other people’s money.

  5. inverter driver ($26/hour) – All of those gifts and packages have to be delivered somehow. UPS is looking to hire 60,000 vacation workers and is currently hosting job fairs across the country.

  6. Starbucks Barista ($15/hour) – Everyone wants to get their hands on a peppermint mocha, chestnut praline latte, or other festive drink, so many places are adding to their staff for the holiday rush.

  7. pet sitting ($25/hour) – Traveling during the holidays will leave many people needing help with their pets. You can advertise your services on spots like

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