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Amazon touts job creation and investment in Germany

Amazon touted its job creation efforts in Germany this week, saying it will have 36,000 employees in the country by the end of the year. The company’s announcement contained some interesting statistics, including the number of seasonal workers it employed during the past holiday shopping season.

The company said jobs in Germany include roles in logistics, mechatronics, account and recruitment management, software development and IT – and even “head of hip-hop”.

He also touted his investments in Germany, including €9 billion in 2020, and has more than 100 locations in the country.

The full announcement follows:

Amazon creates 6,000 new attractive jobs in Germany this year
Written by Amazon
May 03, 2022

By the end of 2022, Amazon will employ around 36,000 colleagues at more than 100 locations throughout Germany.

Amazon offers attractive jobs with prospects, as evidenced by its growth: the company plans to create more than 6,000 new jobs for “Amazonians” in Germany by the end of the year. This puts the company on track to reach the figure of 36,000 employees in Germany by the end of 2022. More than half of the employees have been with the company for more than five years. In addition, more than 10,000 seasonal colleagues supported Christmas activity at logistics sites last year alone.

For more than 20 years, Amazon has continuously invested in Germany and thus also contributes to the growth of the local economy. Between 2010 and 2020, Amazon invested over €36.5 billion, with over €9 billion in 2020 alone. Much of it is invested in jobs and infrastructure development and expansion – this includes more than 100 locations in Germany. Amazon creates attractive and sustainable new jobs, especially in structurally weaker regions such as Gera. Since the opening of the state-of-the-art logistics center in Gera in August 2021, more than 1,800 colleagues have found a new professional home at Amazon.

Amazon’s success also has positive effects on the job market outside of the company. More than 40,000 SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) based in Germany sell their products on Amazon. In 2020, they generated export sales of 3.75 billion euros. Overall, business partners there have created more than 150,000 additional jobs as a direct result of working with Amazon, which provides them with the technologies and tools they need to sell their products to customers around the world. .

Hardly any other company offers this range of jobs
There is a wide range of jobs at Amazon’s various locations in Germany, with jobs being created in all business areas and at all locations, from logistics to research and development centers. These range from logistics and mechatronics to account management and recruitment, software development and IT, and leading hip-hop. Many positions are available on a part-time basis.

The requirements are therefore diverse: in addition to jobs for which no prior qualification is required, there are positions for career and lateral entrants as well as for highly qualified personnel from cutting-edge research. The four research and development centers are not the only places where experts in fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning work. Last year, nearly 750 people started at Amazon in software development, IT and engineering fields. Logistics also offers jobs for specialists, for example in IT and robotics. By the end of 2022, 300 apprentices and work-study students should evolve mainly in the technical professions of logistics training.

“Our team is the heart of Amazon. We create a safe and respectful environment for everyone where it is a pleasure to work: Whether it is a woman, a man or a diversity, with or without a migration background, with or without a disability, regardless of religion or orientation sexual. We have also always welcomed refugees,” explains Rocco Bräuniger, country manager of Amazon Germany and already with Amazon for 16 years. “We are deeply rooted in Germany and are one of the leading employers with many interesting and exciting job opportunities depending on your wishes and qualifications. All colleagues earn from €12 per hour at Amazon , and we want to increase that figure to €12.50+ this year. This starting salary is just that for us: an entry point as well as an offer to continue to grow with us. In addition, all Amazon employees receive a variety of additional benefits such as employee stock or the option of a company retirement plan.

Full benefits package
Other additional benefits for all Amazon employees include bonuses, restricted stock units through, Inc, free life and disability insurance, a family bonus for parents, and the option of retirement plans companies and training programs such as the Career Choice program, which covers 95% of the cost of certain training courses. This creates room for development and career advancement. Learn more here.

Amazon is part of local communities and wants to strengthen its presence
Amazon is committed to its neighborhoods – through investment, jobs, and social engagement. With in-kind and monetary donations as well as committed volunteers, Amazon helps where help is needed. Here you will find an overview of our locations in Germany and how our colleagues are involved locally.

The company created the Community Fund in Germany to deal with the current situation in Ukraine. Through this fund, associations, non-profit organizations and institutions that provide basic care to people who have fled Ukraine can apply for financial resources of up to €50,000 throughout Germany. Additionally, Amazon is donating $5 million to organizations providing relief on the ground and matching employee donations up to an additional $5 million. In Slovakia and Poland, Amazon has set up two logistics centers for humanitarian aid in Eastern Europe in order to be able to supply charities with important goods quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about Amazon’s investment in Germany and other European countries.

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