Amazon cuts software development job opening to 299 from 32,692 in May

theodp wrote: If in doubt about the end of the hiring spree at Amazon, the number of open jobs in the Software Development category fell to 299 in January 2023 from 32,692 in May 2022, according to the Amazon Jobs site. Internet Archive captures of Amazon’s software development jobs category show the number of open jobs fell from 32,692 in May to 31,840 in June, 30,124 in July, 24,747 in August, 17,141 in September, 2,829 in November and 373 in December.

The number of software development job openings currently stands at 299 (including 164 in the US), less than 1% of May’s 32,692 job openings. Stating that “the United States is not producing enough computer-trained students to meet the future demands of the American workforce,” Amazon in May publicly called on Congress and legislatures across the United States to supporting and funding computer science education in public schools to “create a much-needed talent pool that will lead us into the future.” And in July, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy joined other Tech Giant CEOs as signatories to a public letter calling on state governments and education officials to bring in more CS. for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

“The United States has more than 700,000 open IT jobs, but only 80,000 IT graduates per year,” the “CS CEOs” explained. “We must educate American students as a matter of national competitiveness.” Days later, 50 of the nation’s governors accepted the challenge, signing a Compact to expand K-12 computer science education in their states and territories.

Last fall, a new $15 million Amazon-funded CS program aimed at dramatically increasing the number of high school students taking the Java-based AP CS A course was rolled out nationwide (the founder of Java and AWS employee James Gosling recently noted that “a lot of the innards of AWS is Java, and AWS has a pretty big Java team”). And in December, Amazon News reported that “600,000 students at 5,000 schools have received computer science training through the Amazon Future Engineer ‘Kids to Career’ program.”

The following business day, the Financial Times reported that Amazon had delayed the start dates of some university graduates who were due to join the company in May 2023, blaming the “macroeconomic environment” and telling students they could no longer begin before the end of 2023. The FT article followed a NY Times report on the shrinking Big Tech job market facing CS students.

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