Alas Ramus’ lack of toilet training

The devil is part-time! was first released as a light novel series in 2011. The series spun off from that original light novel series, spawning a manga serialization, a spin-off series, and later, an anime adaptation. The series was picked up by animation studio White Fox for its first season in 2013. While the first season consisted of just 13 episodes, the series became a classic that many fans now recommend as an easy-to-enjoy gateway title. for new anime fans.

The franchise as a whole has captured the hearts of many with the hilarious premise that Satan himself is a minimum-wage fast food worker. Despite the show’s large fanbase, it took many years before it was renewed for a second season, which was finally announced in 2021 and aired later in 2022. Picked up by the animation studio 3Hz, the second season of The devil is part time promised even crazier diversions than before, with new characters and new part-time jobs.

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Maou and Emi’s new daughter, Alas Ramus

One of the new characters introduced for the second season was Alas Ramus, an adorable baby who appeared from a golden apple. The rest of the cast were particularly worried about the latest child added to their lives due to the circumstances of his arrival. However, after realizing she was completely harmless, they welcomed her into their ranks with open arms.

Despite his apparent youth, Alas Ramus proved to have a great command of the language. Seeing Maou and Emi, she declared them to be her father and mother, much to their surprise. Maou instantly fell into the role of a loving and passionate father. After a while, Emi also learned to ignore what others might think of her relationship with Maou in order to become an equally caring mother to Alas Ramus.

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Advanced Intelligence of Alas Ramus

Alas Ramus had a complicated time in terms of acting in the second season of the anime. She was revealed to be a shard of Yesod, a mythical fruit from the tree of life in heaven. Over the course of the show, Alas Ramus went from being an adorable baby to being part of Emi’s weaponry due to his mystical nature. After merging with Emi’s Holy Sword, Alas Ramus gained the ability to remain in incorporeal form until summoned, much like the sword’s original ability.

With her ability to remain incorporeal, the story was able to tidy up her character when there seemed to be no room for her. However, when Alas Ramus was present in certain sequences, she became either a cute comic gag or a convenient plot due to her advanced intelligence. She proved capable of formulating battle strategies during a confrontation with the angels attempting to take her away from her family – a strategy that allowed her to gain the ability to become incorporeal. She has been shown to have the ability to know right from wrong and apologize when informed that she was making Camio uncomfortable. With his advanced understanding of speech, one can only speculate on the purpose of allowing this character to stay in layers throughout the season.

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Alas Ramus useless character detail

While the other characters briefly floundered with how to properly care for a child at first, it allowed the story to build and later pay for new aspects of Chiho’s character. With her family history of having a toddler cousin, she came to the rescue with large amounts of baby supplies for Maou’s house. However, with Alas Ramus seemingly smarter than an average child, the diapers in Chiho’s care package seemed like an odd character detail.

Besides reminding the audience of his young age, there seemed to be no other purpose behind Alas Ramus needing to be in diapers. Parents who watch this show might also agree that a child smart enough to confirm if their diaper is still dry after a nap might be smart enough to potty-train. General anime fans might also find it odd that Alas Ramus needs diapers, or even food, given that she doesn’t seem to need to stay in bodily form.

From traveling through dimensions and working part-time to battling angel attacks, it might seem a bit silly to wonder if one of Maou’s big challenges will be learning how to train her new daughter. Since this character is only mentioned a handful of times, he could become a forgotten aspect by the third season. However, it would be surprisingly realistic and could lead to more hilarious twists if the show discussed this particular aspect of parenthood.

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