You are currently viewing A stay-at-home dad sparks debate after charging his wife for baking he bakes while she’s at work – but who’s right?

A stay-at-home dad sparks debate after charging his wife for baking he bakes while she’s at work – but who’s right?

A stay-at-home dad has sparked an online debate after revealing he wants to charge his wife for baking.

He explained that he was a full-time dad and was able to quit working because of his wife’s well-paying job.


He said he would have to quit his part-time job in order to cook for his wife’s co-workers all the time.Credit: Getty – Contributor

The man took to Reddit anonymously and prefaced his question by saying “I know this sounds awful, but please consider my case.”

The 29-year-old said his wife had a good job and family wealth, which meant he could quit his job and look after their two children and take on casual work when it suited his job. weather.

He explained: “Over time, I became more interested in baking.

“My sister-in-law (F26) introduced me to the hobby and we cook together as much as we can while watching the children.

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“In order to help each other and bond between cousins, we usually co-parent together at each other’s homes.”

The couple had recently taken to cooking more fancy things, and his wife started sharing them with her co-workers.

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Now his 30-year-old wife wants them to regularly cook the finest, expensive and time-consuming produce for her friends at work.

He added that with the time needed to cook them, he would have to give up his part-time job and therefore would also lose money.

The father thought it was fair that “since we do things more than just for the family, it’s only fair that we get compensated for it”.

But his wife disagreed and laughed at him when he demanded payment.

She told him she was already providing everything and he didn’t need my own money anyway.

The mother also said that her husband should prioritize his career and professional goals over his since she is the breadwinner.

He added: “I told my SIL the next day (i.e. today) and even though she wasn’t angry she felt I was crazy wanting to charge my wife .”

People who saw the message were completely divided – some sided with the father while others said he shouldn’t blame his wife.

One wrote: “It’s one thing to have him bring your baked goods to the office occasionally and quite another to expect you to maintain a steady supply. That’s what I would call a side business and you are entitled to compensation for your Gender doesn’t matter here because it’s work, time and money at stake. Your wife is taking advantage of you.

“Financial independence is a big thing. You’re supposed to be your wife’s partner, not her home baker.” Another commented.

A third agreed: “His complete hand gesture and dismissal of anything you might want is quite disturbing. That’s not how you talk to someone you respect as a true partner .”

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Others disagreed though, with one adding: “I’m pretty sure your wife is the last person you should be charging something like this to, especially with her as your main source of money.”

“Stop using your wife. You can also come up with a new schedule so your part-time job or whatever doesn’t have to be given up.” Another added.

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