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A new welding company is born in ‘Bago | News, Sports, Jobs

Tyler Nepp stands in front of his new business, TNepp Metals, located on Highway 109.

Tyler Nepp’s journey took him from Lake Wilson, where he grew up, to Winnebago, where he currently lives.

The two towns, otherwise separate communities, were connected during Nepp’s lifetime through his family and his welding career.

Now, Nepp has been a resident of Winnebago for nearly a decade. However, it was only recently that Nepp also joined the community of local Winnebago business owners.

In mid-May of that year, Nepp opened TNepp Metals on Highway 109 across from Winnebago Car Wash and Spencer Owen Funeral Home.

Nepp purchased the Sixth Avenue SE building from its previous owner as is; completely equipped with welding machines that would otherwise have cost him thousands of dollars.

TNepp Metals offers a variety of services including welding, fabrication, sales and repair. The company also transports Matheson welding gas.

Nepp adds that he is also exploring the craft of machining.

“I have a certain ability in machining,”it sums. He plans to further expand his expertise in the future.

Nepp studied welding at Ridgewater College in Willmar.

“I got into pipework right out of college and joined the union,”he says.

For eight or nine years, he mainly performed high pressure pipe welding services. However, he eventually spotted an opportunity to take his career in a different direction.

This opportunity revealed itself through what started out as a part-time job.

“I would do manufacturing work on the side”,Nepp explains. He soon realized that there was a general demand for such services in the region, which he could meet through his own welding business.

“There’s a store in Wells,”Nep says, “Otherwise I didn’t know many places in the area. There isn’t much for custom repair and welding.

Nepp stepped in as the sole owner and sole employee of TNepp Metals. That being said, he is grateful to have help running the business from his wife, Makayla, who helps him with the books.

The couple also have plenty to do at home, given their growing family. Nepp and Makayla already have three children and are expecting their fourth any day.

They also keep busy by helping Makayla’s father tend to the family farm, which is located in the area, and tending to the pigs they raise on their property.

It was Makayla’s Winnebago roots that brought the Nepp family to Winnebago in 2013 in the first place.

Now, nearly a decade later, Nepp is rooting himself in the community with the creation of TNepp Metals, and he hopes his business will continue to grow over the years.

Nepp indeed approaches business ownership with a growth mindset and a flexible attitude, aiming to learn new skills and continue to expand the services it offers.

He says that in addition to expanding his knowledge of machining, he would like to learn how to weld cast iron on engines and cast iron cylinder heads as well.

“It’s something good to get into,”he reasons. “I would like to do something that few people offer.”

Nepp even applies his flexible attitude to his business hours. It technically operates TNepp Metals on a standard schedule Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, he adds, “If there is a need, I can work different hours”,indicating their willingness to accommodate a client later in the evening or on a Saturday if necessary.

Overall, Nepp seems excited to grow his business, serve his customers, and dive deep into the world of welding.

He notes, “Every day is a learning opportunity with repair work.”

TNepp Metals can be reached at 507-893-3202. Nepp can also be reached on his cell phone at 507-227-4894.

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