8 available part-time jobs in Montreal that pay up to $40 per hour​

If you failed to hitch a ride on SpaceX’s last launch, becoming social media famous and extremely wealthy, you might need some extra income. Luckily, there are quite a few part-time jobs available in Montreal right now that are also well-funded. In some cases, you don’t need a lot of experience, so go ahead and submit your applications!


Salary: $35 to $45 per hour

Company: CRC Maison Jeun’Aide

Who should apply: French speakers who are comfortable with manual labor would be qualified for this position, which involves moving furniture, inventory, cleaning and maintenance tasks.

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Special education technician

Salary: $40 per hour

Company: The Health Service Agency

Who should apply: Confident French speakers with good social skills and a DEC in special education should apply for this job, which involves planning and carrying out interventions to help meet client needs.

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Salary: $59 to $65 per hour

Company: Natalie Martin Pharmacy Inc.

Who should apply: Bilingual candidates with a bachelor’s degree and certifications for medication administration (by injection and intranasal) should be well prepared for this job, which involves advising clients on non-prescription medications and managing prescriptions for controlled substances.

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Salary: $34 to $45 per hour

Company: Pars Plumbing Inc.

Who should apply: You will need strong English and French skills, at least three years of experience and an ASP in plumbing to land this position. If you get it, you’d be (expect) like Mario. Wow!

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Recreation animator

Salary: $40 per hour

Company: Mad Science / Mad Science

Who should apply: In this role, you will work with Mindstorm robots and children in robotics workshops. Having a car and some experience as a camp counselor under your belt would be assets for this job in French.

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Certified childminder

Salary: $35.99 to $56.56 per hour

Company: The Department of Health and Human Services

Who should apply: This job involves helping to care for a seven-year-old girl with a tracheotomy. Your role would involve care and supervision duties, keeping you out of the way to allow the child to live independently. Relevant experience and qualifications are helpful, as always.

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Salary: $32 to $54 per hour

Company: Sexual Assault Intervention and Therapy Center (MITAS)

Who should apply: French speakers with a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist (or current license) are encouraged to apply. You shouldn’t have a “criminal record related to the organization’s mission”, which is a good rule to follow anyway.

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Auxiliary nurse

Salary: $37.10 per hour

Company: Syldrea Health Agency Inc.

Who should apply: OIIAQ permit holders residing in Lasalle, Lachine or Verdun are good candidates for this position, provided you also have a DEP in health assistance and nursing. You will act as a nursing assistant for people in private residences in Montreal.

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